Volume 3 / March 2019
Father's Heart "Beat"
Ways Your Church Can Support National Child Abuse Prevention Month
Have A Blue Sunday

  1. Hand out blue ribbons.
  2. Share facts about the number of child abuse cases reported in your county. You can get the information from pcsao.org.
  3. Pray for children who have been victims of child abuse.
  4. Have someone share a testimony how God healed them from an abusive past.
April Is National Child Abuse Prevention Month
  • May - National Foster Care Month. Honor foster parents and social workers.
  • June - Royal Family Kids Camp. Sponsor a Foster Child to go to camp.
  • November - National Adoption Month
  • November 10 - Stand Sunday
Mark Your Calendar
Let me know what your church is doing in the area of foster care ministry so we can celebrate with you.
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