Everything you need to make your garden grow!
Fun Gifts for Dads
Look at all those tools to choose from!!

For a Dad who likes to garden, almost anything goes for Father's Day. Trees, Flowering shrubs and especially Fruit trees and Berry bushes are a hit.
hydrangea blue
Our nursery stock is plentiful with great choices and new arrivals for Dads and our fruit tree list was extensive, but selling fast. Stop in to see.
We still have a selection of Vegetable plants including Tomatoes, both conventional and organic as well as small fruits.
Plenty of herbs for a nice culinary window box or planter. Mix and match all varieties and don't forget the Basil!
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Hadley Garden Center Gift Cards have no expiration date.
Roses are the New Hydrangeas - so many varieties.
Stop by the garden center and smell the roses that are in bloom!
I will never forget the first time I smelled a David Austin rose. Pure heaven on earth. These English roses are unlike any others that we carry. They will quickly form magnificent, low maintenance shrubs or climbers. Their large, fragrant blooms have an old world charm and allure.

The David Austin Website is rich, beautiful and informative about each variety. You can almost smell them from the pictures.
Let your nose guide you and come for a visit. For an easy and complete set of care instructions, as well as inspiration, go here.

These are some of the varieties we carry:

RED - * Munsted Wood * Tess of the D'urberville (climbing)
PINK - * Harlow Carr * Eglantyne *
WHITE - * Crocus Rose * Winchester Cathedral
APRICOT - * Lady Emma Hamilton * Abraham Darby
YELLOW - * Graham Thomas (climbing) * Teasing Georgia (climbing) * Golden Celebration

Roses do have a bad reputation for being hard to care for and for getting diseases but there's no reason to be nervous to bring these beautiful plants home. If you start them out right in full sun with rich soil, they can actually be pretty easy. Add some to your garden today!

There are a number of choices. Look here.
Dads and Lawns
Dads love their lawns.

Often the dads hang out in the lawn care corner with all the cool lawn stuff and lots of questions about how to get the best lawn on the block.
Here are some tips on how to have one of the best summer lawns on the block:
lawn care

  • Small patch seeding only! Don't take on big seeding projects this time of the year. If you do, you'll have to water so much you won't have time to enjoy your lawn. Only do small, manageable, bare patches of seeding.

  • Keep the lawn mowed as high as you can tolerate. Never let that mower dip below 3 inches. The higher the lawn is, the less chance of burn out in the summer heat.

  • Water wisely - Water deeply and less frequently to encourage drought-tolerant roots. Water early in the day to reduce evaporation and fungal growth and either water your lawn regularly and deeply, or don’t water at all.

  • Don’t forget those grubs. Consider a Grub Control application in mid to late June for season long grub control to try and minimize the damage to the summer lawn.
Our Latest Arrivals in the Nursery Yard
Large Annuals
Message from Tom and Janine
Whew! What a month. May was a whirlwind and we are still trying to catch our breath but June is having some fantastic weather and we are feeling a bit less stressed and able to regroup. We are continuing to take delivery of fresh nursery stock, Perennials, Herbs and Annuals. The plants are loving this time of year and some of the late spring varieties and summer favorites are appearing in the nursery yard. We are starting to hear from folks with pest or weed questions and we have you covered with our best advice and products. and don't forget to visit our Houseplant greenhouse for a wonderful selection of plants from small to large and a gorgeous selection of pottery. Hope to see you in the store or nursery yard all month long.


Tom & Janine Giles
& the staff of the Hadley Garden Center
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