Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of children by empowering fathers to be active, informed and emotionally engaged with their children and families.
Message from the Executive Director
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These past months have demonstrated  that there is a major cultural shift in the perception of the role of fathers. I have written  a brief essay on the subject for those interested. 

TFP hosted a successful Father's Day event at Massachusetts General Hospital  in which several members of the MGH community--from receptionists to practice managers to psychologists, nurses and  psychiatrists--told personal father stories that touched members of the audience. 

This past week we attended a major Summit of fatherhood organizations in NYC where the first report on The State of America's Fathers was released. There was also a report from the American Academy of Pediatrics on the role of fathers in child development (see the DID YOU KNOW section of this newsletter for more information). 

We are about to extend our survey of fathers in prenatal care to the  Chelsea and Revere Community Health Centers, and look forward to sharing the results with you. Our original study at MGH obstetrics is discussed in a recent WBUR article on the changing fatherhood culture, along with other vital research and organizations from the field.

For this month's newsletter, our Director of Programs, John Badalament, recorded an interview with one of the fathers in our Revere Dads and Kids Activity group, part of our Dads Matter in Pediatrics program. Rachid shares  his feelings about fatherhood and how they have changed with participation in the group. We also provide a helpful, downloadable resource for fathers looking to strengthen their emotional connection with their children.

Fathers Change the World!

Ray Levy, PsyD 
Executive Director
TFP's Father Stories Series -  Rachid Baraoui
"It's a Dad Thing"

In this video you will meet Rachid Baraoui, a
young father originally from Morocco. Having grown up with a typical Moroccan father who rarely took time away from work to parent, Rachid's initial approach to fatherhood was a fearful one. Uncertain about his ability to care for his young son, Rachid and his wife, Majda, describe the poignant and transformative role TFP's Dads & Kids Activity Group has played in his becoming the confident father he is today.

...pediatricians play an important role in engaging fathers?

A new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics outlines how  child health providers can encourage and support father involvement and why it matters.
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There is a quiet revolution occurring before us in the US - it is hiding in plain sight.  

- Guest post by Charlie Chieppo
Trips to Yankee Stadium with my dad were among my most vivid childhood memories. I was determined to relive the experience with my eight-year-old son - even if he wasn't a baseball fan.

The Fatherhood Project brought members of our Dads and Kids Activity Group and their families to the Stone Zoo on June 11th.

In Rachid's video you heard about activities and exercises from our Dads and Kids Activity Group that have helped him bond with his son. Here is a handout our dads in the group receive that reminds them of ways to build attachment with their children.

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