Hi Jaime

I'd like to ask for your quick help...

I'm recording or going live a couple of times this week talking about COVID-19 issues.

Can you please do me a favor and send me a quick note about the current state of your restaurant?

Are you temporarily closed? Doing takeout and delivery? Staff? Gov't relief? What do you see 1-month and 3-months from now? Etc....

I'd like to share as much industry feedback as I can in these sessions (all anonymous of course).

Here's one of my scheduled appearances for this Wednesday 4/15 @ 2PM Eastern -- hope you can join me...

CheddrSuite "Restaurant Recovery" Series

Here's a quick two minute snippet on "Getting Your House in Order" to check out...

Here is something else to definitely check out -- they are speaking to Congress with the voice of Indy's not chains....

Independent Restaurant Coalition

And here's a quick checklist for temporary closure.

How to Close a Restaurant: A Checklist for Temporary Kitchen Closures

Again, please send me a quick update if you have just a few minutes -- I'd appreciate it!

Thanks & stay well...
- Jaime