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What’s your favorite?
Being an author of three published books has led to a question I’m sure most writers have received. And no, it isn’t the dreaded:
Where do you get your ideas?
This question makes my skin crawl as much as the idea question, however:
Do you have a favorite book that you’ve written and had published? 
How are to choose which published book we like best? I know this is a frequently asked question because I’ve heard the answer many times over:
Asking one to choose a favorite is like asking someone to choose one of their children as a favorite.  For writers, their published books become their children. There are attributes to each of our children/books that others may not have. Do love them anymore or any less? I hope not. With each book under our belt, the hope is that we improve our skills as a storyteller and as a writer.
Thus, that first published book may seem after several years of writing and publishing an antiquated mess in the writer’s view. I spoke with Mike Attebery, another writer friend of mine recently about this very topic. We both agreed that it’s important to keep our first books available because it shows the progression we’ve hopefully made as writers.
As readers, it is probably easier to choose a favorite book by one of the writers you follow, since you’re only invested in reading it. However, as the creator, the writer may not.

C. Jennings Penders
Scranton Shops Update
On Friday June 4 the Scranton Library had a fundraiser where area businesses could sell their products. I participated in the event selling my photography and my books
At these events, I typically do well. Scranton Shops was no different. Six copies of Arrivals and Departures sold and five of my photos sold. 
I started using Square five years ago during my shows and my sales increased. Same with Scranton Shops. People seldom carry cash now, so it makes sense to have the ability to take credit cards. Had I not had my Square reader I would have lost out on four sales.
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