'Behind the Scenes' Look at the Domestic Disturbance Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car Team
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March 2017 BUILD UPDATE ~ Monthly E-Newsletter #.0013

The action was non-stop in March...The Snow Blizzard and Cold/Flu season caught up with the team, but they worked through it!

The gorgeous Pro-Werks Billet Aluminum Fill Caps and Bungs have arrived. They will be used on the new Fuel and Oil tanks, for the Mustang. Also, Stroud Safety sent a package containing life-saving products for both cars, including: Fire Systems, Parachutes & Launchers ++. Thanks to all PM Nitro Team support sponsors, many pieces of the puzzle are on-site.

Denny's fabrication of the FC body lift carriage, is nearing completion. It will feature two remote control winches for safe and smooth single-person operation. 

Kenny and Rod made headway on the trailer brake replacement project, and Jessica helped with equipment prep. Rod built custom fire bottle mounts, and Jill inspected the spare engine.

Thanks to a small army of tall and strong friends, the Nova Body was removed from the Chassis Jig and flipped belly-up. The fiberglass work is better controlled with the body in this orientation. Jill began the process of cutting Fiberglass Mat, Cloth and Kevlar. Moving forward, Rod and Jill worked together to keep ahead of the resin curing window. The first step was to stick the steel body pads to the body, placing a layer of resin soaked mat between the two. Next, they captured the pads by layering Mat & Cloth on top. This will secure the steel tube under structure in place, and strengthen the body. The final 'wet' step, is to form the fiberglass firewall and side panel supports. They are currently under construction, and will be completed soon.


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Pro-Werks Performance Parts have been developed through years of hands-on precision racing fabrication where only the best components and techniques were acceptable. Located in Mears, Michigan, the Pro-werks name was selected to signify the Professionalism of the company’s high quality standards and the high tech Working Facilities (Werks) of the shops that utilize them. This level of high quality fabrication is typical of race shops, custom airplane builders, and specialty fabrication shops.

From the designers and engineers at Pro-werks, to the experienced machinists and fabricators, we provide the professional and amateur fabricator state-of-the-art products that are designed and built with a “no compromise” attitude. With every product that has the Pro-werks name, you can be sure you are getting the highest quality fabrication component.

Thanks to our valued sponsors, we will be Running Fast, Rolling Safe and Looking Good!
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