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This is an image of a Derek Jeter signed ball, hand painted by Fazzino,to give you an idea of what the 3000th Hit Commemorative Ball will look like. At present time I do not have an image of the 3000th hit ball offered for sale here today.

Fazzino Original Art Work  only $895.00

Amazing Animation has commissioned world renowned 3-D Pop Artist, Charles Fazzino to create, eight uniquely original 3-D works of art commemorating Derek Jeter's 3000th hit, on an official baseball hand signed by Derek Jeter.
Over the past few years Fazzino 3-D artwork has been expanding to include many pieces of sports equipment and other Objects of Art.

Yankee fans can now commemorate this HISTORIC event in NY Yankees history with an original hand painted work of art by Fazzino, hand signed by him and Jeter, for the amazingly reasonable price of only $895.00 (including display case).
In my experience selling sports memorablila and Fazzino artwork, I can tell you that this is truly an exceptional item, and something you will still be very proud to own 30 years from now. 
Acting quickly is recommended to secure your ball

Of the 8 balls being created, one is already painted and being shipped back from the All Star game that just took place in Phoenix, AZ. The other is in Fazzino's possession and he will be painting it in the next few days. The other 6 balls are expected to be signed by Jeter and delivered to Fazzino in two weeks.
Each ball will be painted with many of Jeter's highlights and of course Yankee Stadium and possibly NY City.  You can also make requests if there is something special you want to see on you ball.


To order your ball please call (800) 536-7796
Other Big Name, Hand Painted, Hand Signed Balls Also Available 

Fazzino has also created (or is about to create) these one of a kind hand painted balls that are also hand signed by the players:
$895.00 with a case:


Whitey Ford, Goose Gossage, Yogi Berra, David Ortiz, Mariano Rivera, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, and Daryl Strawberry


                                           $795.00 with a case:


Don Larsen, Ichiro Suzuki, Miguel Cabera, Tom Glavine, Willie Randolph, and Carlos Beltran. 
Rivera Ford 
Special Promotion:
Free Hand Painted Team Baseball with Purchase 

Purchase the Derek Jeter 3000th Hit Commemorative Ball and one of the other hand signed, hand painted baseballs also offered for sale, and you will receive a FREE hand painted team ball by Fazzino of your choosing with a case. A $700.00 value!

Team Baseballs 
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To order your hand singed Derek Jeter Commemorative baseball. hand painted by Charles Fazzino, please call (800) 536-7796 or reply to this email.

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