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Sold Out 3-D Limited Editions

Only one of each available at before sold out prices.

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Dear Fazzino Collector,
In checking on availability of few of the Fazzino city piece requested over the last two days, if came to our attention that we could offer significant savings on two sold out Fazzino limited editions.
After selling one of each yesterday at prices listed below, we confirmed there was additional availability of one of each from the achieves of Museum Editions, on the following two pieces.

So... I wanted to get this information out to you right away. Next to the dental themed artwork I feel that any Fazzino City themed limited edition are excellent artworks to display in your practice. I know I always enjoy checking them out and seeing the place I know or where I have been, and I am sure your patients will also.

Check them out and get back to us quickly if you have an interest.

Thanks as always,

Perry Shiller
Amazing Animation.

PS. Remember the Fazzino dedications are still available and you can personalize each of these also!

Philly Stands for Freedom

Philly Stands For Freedom

Wonderful representation of the "City of Brotherly Love".

Image size is 21 x 10 inches which will frame to approximately 31 x 20 inches.

With so many cool places in Philadelphia your patients can take a tour of the city right from you office.

It's all there for them to see and they'll be even more impressed when they run across your office that we have placed somewhere in the piece.

If you practice in Philly, then this is a no brainer, but it's still a very cool piece no matter where you are from!

On the upcoming 2011 Fazzino Sold Out Price List, "Philly Stands For Freedom" will be listed at $3200.00

That's the current unframed market price of his most inexpensive two layer numbered edition.

I have ONE of the more expensive three layer, crystal embellished Deluxe edition for only $1895.00 and that will include brand new Fazzino framing of Black Lacquer, white top mat and gold filet.

Please call to check availability or to order. (800) 536-7796

Along the Pacific Coast Highway

Along the Pacific Coast Highway

This piece is amazing. The amount of detail that Fazzino put into this edition was unlike anything he produced up until that point. Totally encompassing the Western portion of the Golden State from San Diego to San Francisco.

At 34 inches tall and 17 inches wide image size, "Along the Pacific Coast Highway" is guaranteed to be extremely popular work of art for your office. Whether it's in the waiting room, to help pass the time, or in one of your operatories as a diversion, this will get a lot of attention from your patients.

I have two pieces available for sale from the Fazzino Archives.

One regular, two layers with glitter edition of 150 and one Premiere (on Black Paper) with three layers, glitter and Swarovski Crystals. Edition of 100. (Framed this one with a Black top mat and this piece is Hollywood!)

Sold out list price is $5000 unframed, (again that's the regular edition)

Your prices today are:

$2895.00 Regular Edition Framed and

$3295.00 Premiere Edition Framed.

Please call (800) 536-7796 to check availability or to order.