Fearful or Fearless?

The choice is yours.

I remember when I first read this passage in the sci-fi classic "Dune."
It struck me right in my gut and to this day, I still rely on it
whenever I need a big dose of fearlessness.

We're living in fearful times, so now, more than ever,
we could all use some help with managing our fears.

Here are 7 ways that 'fearless' people conquer fear
taken from an article published in Psychology Today.


1) Fearless people respect fear.
They are not afraid to be afraid.

2) Fearless people understand the mechanics of fear.
They recognize that fear is made up of many components and
that whatever actions they take can determine
the degree of impact fear will have on their lives.

3) Fearless people explore the origin of their fear.
When fear arises, they want to find out the cause of the fear-
the why rather than the what.

4) Fearless people focus on building confidence.
They do this by acquiring knowledge,
mastering a skill and gaining experience.

5) Fearless people over prepare without overreacting.
They don't spend time worrying about the worst-case-scenario ~
they prepare for it and make a plan with a backup plan.

6) Fearless people take action despite their fear, not because of it.
They evaluate their risks and tackle their fear head-on,
pushing through despite their fear.

7) Fearless people are not afraid to ask for help.
They know when fear becomes excessive
and worry and anxiety interfere with their daily life,
it's time to seek help and consult a professional.
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