Council of Elders Advent Reflections
by Rev. Elder Hector Gutierrez

Feast Of The Holy Family
*My family is very original
All rights for all families
Feast Of The Holy Family

This Sunday, within the Octave of Christmas, we celebrate the Holy Family --and honestly speaking, anything but a conventional, traditional family. We reread the well known story:

1. Word became flesh through the "Feminine in G*d" action (as clearly stated it great Brazilian theologian Leonardo Boff by saying, "Spirit and Wisdom are another feminine expression of G*d") as placed over Mary. Each can reach their own conclusions.

2. Besides, Emmanuel has two dads: Divinity and Joseph.

Today, as we celebrate the Little Too-Unconventional Family of Jesus, I pray so that we can reach the day when all corners of Earth may also celebrate Diverse Families, to whom belongs this family we honor today.

I raise my eyes so the day comes when we continue meeting a true acknowledgment for every kind of family, and there may not be any judgement upon them for establishing the type of family every one decides to. Fortunately, families nowadays are not what they used to be.

Let us celebrate the support, the understanding, the love, joy and union of Little Too-Unconventional Families and, why not, let us say ALL DIVERSE FAMILIES from every kind, colors, cultures and flavors.

Long live the Little Too-Unconventional Family!
Long live Our Diverse Families!

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