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Servite Saint Philip Benizi (1233-1285)

Born to a noble family in Florence, Italy, Philip studied in Padua and Paris, earning a doctorate in medicine and philosophy. He joined the Servite Order in 1253; in time he became renowned for his preaching. He was instrumental in the future Saint Peregrine Laziosi joining the Servite order.


In 1267 Philip was chosen as general superior (prior general) of the order. He was influential in reforming the religious order, and was eventually considered a possible candidate for the Papal Throne, after Pope Clement IV died in 1268. This so distressed Philip that he fled and lived in a cave until the papal election was over.

St. Philip Benizi's Retreat (1927)

This shrine is one of the earliest installations at The Grotto, and represents his time spent as a hermit in the mountains of Montagnata, Italy.

With the Papal Tiara at his feet, he is represented praying at the entrance of the cave where he lived while in hiding.

During this time he redoubled his penances, eating only herbs and drinking at a fountain, ever since held to be miraculous by reason of its healing qualities, and called "St. Philip's Spring."

St. Philip was one of the shining lights of the early Servite Order, both intellectually and spiritually.

St. Philip’s gifts of compassion and generosity, as well as his leadership abilities and his commitment to reconciliation, were readily recognized within his Servite community as well as the Church at large. His Feast day is August 23.

The Grotto is a ministry of the Order of Friar Servants of Mary. To learn more about the Servites, please click here .

Saint Philip,

we thank you for your remarkable example of humility. Pray that the Lord will give us the strength to follow your example. Ask God to help us understand that a humble spirit is a compassionate spirit; a spirit more likely to understand the opinions and recognize the needs of others. And if we must boast, let us boast of our love of God and our fellow man. We ask for your intercession in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord.


Enjoy the sights and sounds of the springs at Servite St. Philip Benizi's Retreat, which is located on the lower level at The Grotto.

Below: An early photo of St. Philip Benizi's Retreat.

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