"Whoever eats this blood will live forever." - John 6:58

Praise the Lord, Jerusalem!
Dear Friends in Christ Our Hope,
The latest New York Times bestseller list provides an eye-opening snapshot of the American psyche at the present moment.  All Top-10 books are on racial justice and privilege. America is slowly waking up to the fact that the U.S. experience is not the same for each of its citizens.

Christ Our Hope this week came together on Zoom to address this important topic. In all, we had nearly 50 participants in the discussion from every socio-economic and age perspective. It was a true cross-section of our parish. St. James Cathedral Director of Social Justice and Advocacy Patrick Barredo served as facilitator. The group has some homework to do and will return to the discussion on Monday evening, June 22nd, to discern how Christ Our Hope is called to show solidarity with those who are left on the margins of this critical issue.

This idea of hosting a community forum on this topic is so popular that Patrick is now being asked by his St. James Cathedral community to duplicate what was done at Christ Our Hope. St. Patrick community will soon host a similar experience. What a blessing to again be trendsetters in the Catholic Church of Western Washington. Thank you to all who participated. But a special thank you to our lay leaders who helped to facilitate the small group discussions. It was awe-inspiring to hear the prophetic and priestly voices ring out in our community.

Let's keep the conversation going and discern how to best add our voices to the call for racial justice for every human soul in our world.


Deacon Dennis Kelly 
Pastoral Coordinator  

Dialogue on Racial Justice
Thank you to all who joined part one of our parish dialogue about Racial Justice. Patrick Barredo, Director of Social Outreach and Advocacy at St. James, facilitated our discussion about how our faith informs the lens by which we view current events using the "See, Judge, Act" Model.   

Through prayer and conversation, we joined together to express our various views, listen to others' experiences and support one and another through these difficult times. 

If you missed the opportunity to participate the recorded group discussion will be found on our new racial justice page here within the next few days. We invite all members of our community to participate in the follow up conversation on Monday, June 22nd at 7:00 PM where we will discuss our shared action response. 
Sunday Coffee Hour Returns
Our technical difficulties have been solved and we invite you to join us for fellowship and conversation this Sunday! 

This week, as we celebrate the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ, we will be featuring Christ Our Hope parishioners who have served the Body of Christ in unique settings and far-flung places. Speakers include Bill and Kathy Collins, Judy Davis, Lauren Pusich and Deanna Tighe. Jim Sweeney will be our host!  

The Zoom link is the same as it has been in the past. Join us here after Sunday 8:30 AM Mass.

Parish Dialogue on Racial Justice
Monday, June 22 at 7:00 PM

Facilitated via Zoom
Click here to join via video

Phone Only: 1-253-215-8782 
Meeting ID: 810 1890 6867 
Password: 961051 

All Are Welcome and All Are Called 
Please join this facilitated dialogue to discuss racial justice, privilege and how our faith calls us as a Church to respond. 
Annual Catholic Appeal Update

We are truly a stewardship parish! Our community has already achieved 100% of our Annual Catholic Appeal goal of $39,897. We are deeply grateful to those who have already pledged.

Every additional dollar raised will come directly back to our parish to support the parish during COVID-19.  If you have not done so, you can give online here . Please be sure to note that Christ Our Hope is your parish. Thank you again for your generosity and support of our parish! 
Choir of Hope with Marc Wautier 

We continue to hold the Choir of Hope in prayer right now as their ministry is deeply missed at Christ Our Hope. While we are not able to gather in person, the Choir continues to be a ministry that brings joy and hope to our parishioners. This week, the  Virgin Mary, the angel Gabriel, the composer Mozart and our very own Choir of Hope singer, Marc Wautier create the simply sublime and sublimely simple prayer Hail, Mary. Please enjoy this recording of Mozart's Ave Maria here. Thank you to Marc for sharing his gift with us, Dr. James Savage for his treasured leadership of the choir and all members of the Choir of Hope.

Virtual Young Adult Mass

A few of us have been asking "how can we increase community beyond our current efforts?" I pondered that myself and realized that I love being able to attend mass virtually, but miss seeing friends, parishioners, community. I miss that communal part of Mass - the part that makes me feel at home when I 'recite' written prayers in unison with a hundred other believers. It reminds me that it's not just my prayer, it's our prayer. 

I then thought, why can't we see each other while watching Mass, like we have during weekly bible study Zoom meetings or coffee hangouts? I tested it out and shared my screen which was on Facebook Live Mass. The sound worked! We've given this a try now for 3 weeks, and I would say they were both great successes! Just seeing friendly familiar faces in the corner of my screen, even though they were on mute, made mass more communal and prayerful. 

If you are interested in joining us for the next 7:00 PM Mass please email Crystal 
Crystal Lin Amobi 
Upcoming Young Adult Webinars

The Archdiocese of Seattle office of Young Adult Ministry and the Mental Health Ministry Committee would like to invite all young adults to attend an upcoming webinar: "Responding to Grief and Loss in a Pandemic". This webinar will be hosted via Zoom on Tuesday, June 16th from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Featured speakers include Cathy Callans, St. Louise Pastoral Counselor and our founding Pastor Father Paul Magnano. You can register for the event here. All are welcome!   

Maryknoll is also hosting an opportunity for intentional prayer and reflection around grief and hope in their retreat "Restless Hearts: Grieving, Coping, and Hoping". The retreat is hosted in English this Saturday, June 13th and you can register online here. You can register for the same retreat in Spanish that will occur on Saturday, June 20th here. All are welcome! 

  Stay up to date, check out our  Calendar of COH events