A Note from Scott and Marsha
May 21, 2020
We are currently growing feathers this week with the rain in the garden. And those that aren't growing feathers are wearing sweaters. SWEATERS. It's May 20th. Several of us operate on sunshine and when two or three consecutive days are cloudy, my thought is, "Let's just go home." Since Viridian and I are both sunshine fanatics, we might have to shut down the landscape division. But then Jack yells and tells us to get our act together and we carry on. Sigh.  

So back to feathers. This year, we had three Canadian geese arrive, and we have four goslings we watched grow this spring. They waddle all over the property. They are simply adorable. What's even better is we have 15 duck eggs! So we keep waiting for them to hatch. We know one hatched last week because Sean, our resident-walking-plant-encyclopedia, texted me. And this was my text thread with him.  

Sean: We have ducklings.
Me: I know. We might need to catch them so they survive and put them in the tub back here.
Sean: Ok. I think they are under their mommy. She's protecting them. Wait. I don't see them anymore. Hope the turtles didn't eat them. 
Me: Sean. If you texted me to tell me about baby ducks to only tell me they are eaten, we cannot be friends anymore. 

Minutes later.....

Sean: I only see one but she won't let me near her.
Me: Sean. I was kidding about catching them. Get back to work. 
Sean: Oh ok! 
Me: Carry on.  

I share this because it makes me chuckle. Random texts arrive all day long from our staff sharing funny things that happen on the property. Sometimes it's an animal.  Sometimes it's an amazing flower that's blooming. It could even be a story about a customer who arrives to find we have three Rinehart Astilbe after she has driven all over North Carolina looking for some, and we happen to have the last three!  

Every day is a good day for rain boots, brightly colored rain jackets and whimsical umbrellas. Or ..... you could wait till this weekend when the temperatures are going to be SPECTACULAR. Along with fantastic weather, we have food trucks Saturday and Sunday and "The Potting Shed"--our outdoor bar--will be open for business. We will be serving beer, cider and wine which will make your visit that much more relaxing and enjoyable. Who doesn't love to stroll the garden and gather ideas while enjoying a mimosa, glass of wine or beer? #bringgreenhomewithasmile
"THE POTTING SHED" will be open this weekend serving, beer,wine, cider, seltzer and mimosas outdoors. Enjoy a cold beverage as you shop with plenty of space for social distancing! We will have food trucks as well if you want to grab food to go (details below). We can be your one-stop shop this weekend! We can't wait to see you. :)
Eucalyptus Neglecta Omeo Gum is a fast growing hardy tree with blue-green fragrant leaves and lovely exfoliating bark. The leaves can be used for their aromatic properties as well as endless flower arrangements. This beauty is evergreen and not just deer resistant, but deer proof! It is also drought tolerant and will grow in full sun to part shade. They can grow to 40-60 feet tall depending on where they're planted!
Hydrangea blooms are some of our favorites to enjoy in the garden and in bouquets. Although many hydrangea prefer part-shade and grow rather tall, many dwarf varieties do well in the sun. Little Lime (lime-colored), Bobo (pictured), Tiny Tuff Stuff (pink and blue), Vanilla Strawberry (white and pink), and Tilt-a-Swirl (red and green) are all in stock now! Most of these varieties only grow to about 3 feet tall.
Have you heard of this delightful plant? Roselle Hibiscus (also known as Florida Cranberry) is beautiful and tasty. The leaves can be used in tea or salads for an amazing and surprisingly delicious flavor. In fall, it will burst into blooms that are edible. The flavor is similar to a cranberry. They can be used in recipes to make jelly, juice, teas or pies! Save the seeds for planting next year! It is essential to plant in well-drained soil and full sun.
Did you know we offer lawn maintenance services in addition to landscape design and installation? Our crews mow, edge, blow, trim, prune, mulch, weed-eat, and so much more. We would love to maintain your lawn! If you would like to know more about our services or request a free estimate , send us a message today! You can also call (919)484-9759, ext. 303 or email us for more information!
Poblano's Tacos Food Truck
Saturday, May 23, 2020

Brooklyn Bros Pizzeria Food Truck
Sunday, May 24, 2020

Due to the current situation, we are putting all classes and workshops on hold until further notice. If classes are canceled and included a fee, a full refund will be issued. We will notify any participants of these changes well in advance.
Last week, we featured many plants perfect for a butterfly garden. If you missed it, read the tips for planting your best butterfly garden here . Many of the plants we recommend are in stock now! Help save the butterflies!

Bees are also in danger! Bees are extremely important to our food supply, so we need to do all we can to make sure they survive and thrive. This post shares ideas for what you can do to help save the bees !
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