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The Commercial and Business Division was created by Elite International with the intention of specializing in the sales of income generating commercial and business properties. Elite has a team of dedicated commercial Realtors whose only task is to research, study and introduce to our clients these unique opportunities. There are properties in every price range and various categories, including Triple-Net, Multifamily buildings, warehouses, vacant land as well as hotels and a variety of businesses for sale.
Farm Stores Commercial Property Triple net (NNN)
Boca Raton  
Price / Precio: US $ $1,156,700
CAP / Retorno: 5.75 %
Building Area / Area Construida : approx. 720 SF = 67m²
Lot / Terreno : approx. 10,890 SF = 1,012m²
NOI / Ingreso Neto: US $66,510 present year / actual
Annual Expenses / Gastos anuales : NNN Tenant responsible for all expenses including property tax, insurance and maintenance (Inquilino responsable por todos los gastos, incluyendo impuesto predial y seguro).
Contract Terms / Términos de la renta : 15 Years remaining on initial term (15años de contrato restantes).
Increases / Incrementos de rentas: 3 %every years (3% anual) 
Extensions/ Extensión : Two- 5 years (dos opciones de 5 años cada una)
Guarantor / Garantizado por:  Corporate Store Farm
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