Featured Job
Matcom was hired by Kenaidan to transport two draft fans – both weighing in at around 15, 000 pounds – from storage to a pitfall in their nearby facility. Our crew of five successfully mobilized the fans down into the pitfalls. The pitfall measured 20 feet by 20 feet and the exhaust fans were eight feet, 15 000 pounds.

Led by Project Manager, Ali Chitaz. 
Scope of Work 
Our original plan was to solely use forklifts; the forklifts would lower the fans eight feet down into the pitfall with its boom.

A Brief overview of This Project:
  • Peaked at a crew of 5 people 
  • State of the art tools : forklifts (4,000 lbs. ~ 15,000 lbs.), equipment for gantry set up
Challenge & Solution
Upon arrival we noticed the structural engineer placed a shore on the floor. The total weight our 25, 000 pound forklift and 15, 000 pound fans would overwhelm and crowd the shoring structure. Instead, we pivoted towards a gantry strategy.

Between the Project Manager and Foreperson Supervisor, we devised a plan with the new variables in mind. The team used forklifts to transport the fan from storage to the designated room. From there, the fan was placed on dollies and pushed towards the pitfall.

The fans were rigged one-by-one to the gantry and lowered into the pit. The fans were a dynamic load and the center of gravity of the fan was off-set. The fans had to be lowered horizontally, one leg at a time. 

Utilizing our team of riggers and the gantry saved our client time and money. The job was quoted as a budgetary price not to exceed. Truthfully, the job was finished sooner than anticipated with the gantry system–leaving the client with a discount. We are pleased to note there were no claims made or property damage upon finishing the job.

In addition to a very satisfied customer, the job was completed with no Recordable Injuries/Illnesses.