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May 2019
Featured Project: Custom Residence, Los Hermosos

Project : Custom Residence  Los Hermosos Los Angeles, CA
Lighting Design:  Tazz Lighting - Martin Epstein 
Lighting Supply: Tazz Lighting, Inc.
Interior Designer/Architect : IR Architects 
Contractor: Resonne Building and Design

Tazz Lighting teamed up with the Estate Manager, as well as the Architect/Designer.
Our enjoyment on this project was due, in most part, to our relationship with the Project Manager as well as owner and Architect/ Interior Designer.

We were involved in this exciting, one of a kind project from the very concept all the way through to completion.

For more information on how Tazz Lighting can assist you on your next project, please stop in, call or email us at
Tazz Lighting Inc | 
9555 Distribution Ave #101  San Diego, CA 92121