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July 2020
Featured Project: Jinya Ramen, Las Vegas

Project: Jinya Ramen, Las Vegas Rainbow
Lighting Design:   Tazz Lighting - Martin Epstein 
Lighting Supply:   Tazz Lighting Inc
Architect:    Ikedo Design
Interior Design:   Ikedo Design

Getting Lighting right for this project and in most restaurants is no small feat. For us, the job is not done when the product is shipped.
Correct light levels play in important role in setting a restaurants mood.                                                                                                                                           
Lighting also conveys expectations about the quality of the food and the service.
Finding the right lighting scheme for restaurants isn't always easy. If the lighting is too dim, the space may be at risk of failing code compliance. And if it's too bright, the color of the food and atmosphere may render inaccurately.
Lighting is important. It's getting it right that's the hard part. 
What is important is the following;
1) Understand overall restaurant design intent
2) Create exceptional Lighting Design
3) Stick to the lighting budget
4) Be manufacturer agnostic.

For more information on how Tazz Lighting can assist you on your next project, please stop in, call or email us at
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