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April  2020
Featured Project:  Tajima College San Diego , CA

Project: Tajima College Located San Diego,CA
Lighting Design:   Tazz Lighting - Martin Epstein 
Lighting Supply:   Tazz Lighting Inc
Architect:    Ikedo Design
Interior Design:   Ikedo Design
General Contractor: MDS Contracting

Tajima Ramen located of College Ave.
This is the 5th location Tazz has been involved with whilst working along with our long-time associate in the industry Ikedo Design.
This Tajima is special to Tazz as its avant-garde design gives a different twist, than the previous locations with the side paneling and unique depth.
In the past years we have built a great relationship with the owner, Sam Morikizono and are pleased to say we have more to come in regards to San Diego eateries.
Stay tuned.

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