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May 2019


Did you know that 83% of home buyers' real estate agents say that staging makes it easier for buyers to visualize the potential of a home?

You can see how our transformation of an apartment below made it much easier. 

And did you know that 85% of staged homes sold for 6 to 25% more than their unstaged neighbors?

These and other staging statistics from the National Association of Realtors as well as Home Staging Resource are available to view and download from the Resources tab on our website. 

Have a Happy Memorial Day! And don't forget to honor those who died while serving our country.. 

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Do nna M. Dazzo, President
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Testimonial of the Month
Featured Staging: $1.25M 1 Bedroom/ 1 Bath Greenwich Village Co-Op Apartment at 50 East 10th Street #1J
Market Overview: New York, NY
Tips and Tricks of the Trade: Design Tricks That Will Make Your Small Outdoor Space Feel So Much Bigger
Did You Know.....? Mid Century Modern Design Defined By Ava Robinson from Decor Aid
Market Overview: The East End
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Featured Article

"Kudos!  Donna, the apartment looks fantastic.  The furniture and arrangements are spot on and I appreciate that you worked with what we had as well as adding a whole new flavor to the apartment.  You guys are great!"

-G. Billingsley, Owner's representative

'"Donna worked closely with the seller and her contractor to make minor cosmetic updates and painting that enhanced the pre-war charm of the apartment and it's marketability.  Her staging and attention to detail make the apartment easy to show and is regularly praised by buyers.   Neighbors that saw the before and after versions of the apartment were amazed with the transformation."
-Debra Solomon Pendleton, Lic. Assoc. R.E. Salesperson
Halstead, New York, NY

We were called in to stage this apartment by Debra Pendleton of Halstead, having staged another apartment in the same building for her that had sold quickly a few months earlier.

We determined that unfortunately we couldn't use almost all of the furniture which was a mish-mosh of styles, so we brought in rental furniture and our decorative accessories to create a cohesive look.

The multi-hued walls also had to go - they wouldn't appeal to most buyers - so we brought in our contractor to give them a fresh coat of paint with a neutral color.

The transformation was night and day as you will see below. 

Entry Before Staging

The two-tone walls wouldn't appeal to a broad majority of buyers...

Entry After Staging

...so we had them painted a more neutral color. And we replaced the broken ceiling light fixture to brighten up the space. 

Living Room Before Staging

The living room also needed to be lightened and brightened, and the furniture was an incoherent mixture of contemporary, traditional and arts and crafts. 

Living Room After Staging

...so we painted out the walls and brought in mid-century modern furniture to create a bright and cohesive look. 

Living Room Before Staging

Living Room After Staging

Bedroom Before Staging

The green walls were anything but calming and wouldn't appeal to most buyers, and the bed was sandwiched between two doors, with no room for nightstands...

Bedroom After Staging

...so we painted the walls, and placed the bed against a wall that would allow the addition of two much-needed nightstands. 

Kitchen Before Staging

This area of the kitchen was too crowded with unnecessary shelving....

Kitchen After Staging

...so we removed it and the bar area to open the space up.

Kitchen Before Staging

The cabinet under the sink was mysteriously missing doors...

Kitchen After Staging

...so we used the ones from the shelving unit we removed and brightened up the room with white paint. 


To view the entire report from Corcoran click  here.

1. Take a Seat
"No matter how small your outdoor area, you're going to want to create a sitting area or else you won't take full advantage of the space. Choose a petite table and loveseat or chairs that will instantly turn the little space you have into an outdoor retreat." 
Kristen Ekeland, principal at   Studio Gild
2. Get Your Green On
"One of our favorite tricks when it comes to decorating an outdoor space is to rely on plants to add color and life to the overall design. Make a selection of your favorite flowers, potted plants, and ferns to diversify the space and create that outdoor oasis you've always dreamed of!" 
-Caroline Grant and Dolores Suarez, co-founders of Dekar Design

"To create an oasis, try to cover the outdoor area in as much greenery as possible.  Jasmine or ivy on a wall-as well as topiaries or potted plants-are nice options to consider. A surrounding of greenery is not only beautiful but provides a relaxing environment."
 -Courtney Hill, interior designer 

3. Gravitational Glow
"When decorating your small outdoor space, lighting is a very important element. Wall lights are your best option as they create an elegant ambience without taking up space!"
 -Michael Amato, creative director of  Urban Electric Co. 

Bottoms Up

"If you plan on entertaining, pick up a bar cart/console table. It's multipurpose and mixed-use, as it's a great way to lay out food and drink, but as the night progresses, it can double as a spot for people to set their drinks down before they go inside and/or where you set up a portable music player."
-David Dillon, creative director of 
5. The Right Rug
"Use an area rug that fits the entire space to make it feel intentional and like an extension of your interiors." 
-Jade Joyner

F or more tricks to boost your outdoor space, click here!

Did You Know.....? 
Mid Century Modern Design Defined
By Ava Robinson from Decor Aid

The vibe is fresh and poppy, retro-tinged, and completely alluring with its dedication to comfort and practicality wrapped up in beautiful design that never goes out of style. Unlike other aesthetic movements, mid century modern decor is streamlined in design, as form follows function while highlighting the materials used, rather than making them something they aren't.

To help you better understand this go-to design movement's popularity and it's endless resonance across generations, we set out to highlight what makes mid century modern design a standout among every other  design style, why it could work for you, and how to make the best of it with ease.


Like in fashion, the way we decorate our homes at the moment often tends to reflect the era's energy and direction and mid century modern design happens to do just that as its kitschy, kicky bright hues that touch on the optimism of the 50's while natural woods, greens, oranges, and earthy tones riff on the sophisticated spirit of the 60's and 70's.


Anti fuss and formal, mid century modern design is all about clean lines, simplicity, practicality, and sumptuous silhouettes. Think new to the era materials like plastic, acrylic, and even formica when considering furniture materials.

Other hallmarks include hairpin legs, low streamlined seating, plastic shell chairs, cocooning lounges, matte finishes, and consoles with plain surfaces punctuated with facades radiating personality via design flourishes.


A quick look through any mid century modern home decor reference is sure to point out the obvious: the movement's major print direction is naive, playful, abstract, full of geometrical graphics, and unfortunately a tad childish and overtly retro.


For a mid century modern living room and common areas, source decorative extras that evoke the 50's and 60's in saturated colors, like a trio of porcelain vases with naive patterns, sculptures in varying sizes for added drama, and wall hangings and mobiles boasting graphic shapes in vivid hues for unexpected jolts of color.

Window Treatments

To learn more about Mid-Century Modern Design, click  here!
Market Overview: The East End           
We have switched to a quarterly update of market conditions on the East End. Our next quarterly analysis will appear in the July issue. 

In our April issue we reported on the decline in number and dollar volume of sales in the Hamptons for the first quarter of 2019 versus the same period in 2018.

A recent article in the New York Times states that Hamptons real estate is in a rut. 
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