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October 2018


Did you know that Gramercy Park is one of only two private parks in New York City and one of only three in the whole state of New York?  Only the people who live in the buildings surrounding the park and pay an annual fee have a key to the Park.

The Park was developed in 1832 from a swamp by Samuel Ruggles.  It is bordered by East 20th Street (called Gramercy Park South at the park), and East 21st Street (called Gramercy Park North), and between Gramercy Park West and Gramercy Park East, two mid-block streets which lie between Park Avenue South and Third Avenue.

Photo credit: By Dmadeo - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

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Featured Staging: Gramery Park South Duplex
Market Overview: New York, NY
Tips and Tricks of the Trade: What Not to Use a Magic Eraser On!!
Did You Know...? Halloween Fun Facts to Bust Out On Your Next Trivia Night!
Market Overview: The East End
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"Donna and her team made this pre-war gem shine!  They were able to bring out the best in this duplex gem in the sky on Gramercy Park!"

                                                                                                          Holly Parker Team
                                                                      Douglas Elliman - New York, NY 

"Donna was fantastic - professional and attentive to every detail!"

Redmond I., Homeowner

This apartment before staging was crying out for some love, and that is what we created.  We first painted all of the walls a fresh and neutral off-white.  We then brought in rental furniture and our own decorative accessories to create a home that buyers could envision living in. 

The entryway area has a wood burning fireplace where you can cozy up this winter.  As the listing states: " Pre-war charm in the sky, gorgeous views from every window in this rarely available two-bedroom duplex replete with beautiful light all day, 10ft high ceilings and incredible character in one of Gramercy Park's most sought-after white-glove cooperatives."

Entryway/Dining Area Before Staging

 Entryway/Dining Area After Staging
Living Room Before Staging

Living Room After Staging

Living Room Before Staging

    Living Room After Staging

Kitchen Before Staging

Kitchen After Staging

 Master Bedroom Before Staging

Master Bedroom After Staging

Master Bedroom Before Staging

Master Bedroom After Staging

Guest Bedroom Before Staging

Guest Bedroom After Staging
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Tips and Tricks of the Trade: 
What Not to Use a Magic Eraser On!!
 Image Credit: Joe Lingman

Magic Erasers (also generically known as melamine foam) are kind of amazing. Not only can they clean everything from grout to oven doors to tennis shoes, when purchased by the  8-pack , these sponge-shaped pads usually break down to about a $1 a pop. They are designed for cleaning hard-to-scrub surfaces in hard-to-reach places.

Unfortunately, however, sometimes these one-handed wonders can work a little too well-particularly on polished and easily scratched areas. So before you get carried away cleaning your place with a melamine foam, read ahead for seven things you definitely don't want to ever do with them.

Don't Use Them Dry
Part of the magic of these erasers is that all you have to do is add water to activate them. However, it turns out that these plushy pads are even more abrasive-and can therefore, do more damage-when dry, so adding water actually helps soften them.

  Don't Use Them Without Gloves
Considering the fact that melamine foam pads can tackle anything from scruffs on walls to stovetops, it's no surprise that these petite powerhouses can also burn your skin. Make sure to always wear a pair of gloves while using your magic eraser and never ever use it directly on your skin.

  Don't Use Them to Clean Delicate Countertops
Forget the fact that these spongy pads feel plush; they're actually insanely abrasive. That's why you should avoid using it on granite and marble counters (and any other fine stone surfaces) or else you'll run the risk of removing the sealant and making the surface appear dull.

Don't Use Them on Anything Without Spot Testing First
This one may seem like a no brainer but when in doubt about whether your melamine foam pad is safe to use, simply do a spot test. Just as you should with any new cleaning product, test a small area with the eraser before using it on an entire surface.

For more tips, read the entire article click  here!
Didyouknow    Did You Know.....? 
      Halloween Fun Facts to Bust Out 
   On  Your Next Trivia Night!

You're sure to be a hit knowing the following facts put together by Women's Day

Only 6 States Produce a Majority of the Holiday's Pumpkins
Photo Credit: Getty Images - Natalia Ganelin

Halloween wouldn't be the same  without pumpkins,  and thankfully, there are plenty of gourds to go around. According to the United States Department of Agriculture's  National Agricultural Statistics Service , in 2014 the top pumpkin-producing states - Illinois, California, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, and Michigan - produced 1.31 billion pounds of pumpkins.

Pilgrims Started The Black Cat Superstition

Photo: Getty Images

It's been said that it's bad luck for a black cat to cross your path, especially on  Halloween night . In the U.S., this superstition stems from the Protestant beliefs of the  Puritan Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony . They disapproved of anything associated with witchcraft, and some believed the legend that witches could transform into black cats and back - hence the inspiration for pop culture characters like Salem on Sabrina the Teenage Witch  and  Binx in Hocus Pocus.

Hocus Pocus Almost Had a Different Title

Photo: IMDB

If you're a fan of this classic Disney film, you might be surprised to learn that it was supposed to be a much darker, scarier movie with the title Halloween House.

The Night Before Halloween is 
"Cabbage Night" to New Englanders

Photo: Getty Images

According to Live Science, some pranksters in the northeastern U.S. keep up with the stinky tradition of collecting rotten vegetables and leaving them near their neighbors' doors in honor of "Cabbage Night" on October 30th.

Ohio is Home to the World's Longest Haunted House        
Photo: Getty Images

No matter how scary your local haunted house is, it probably can't top the Haunted Cave in Lewisburg, Ohio. Measuring 3,564 feet long, the Guinness World Records has named it the world's longest haunted house. Even spookier: It's located 80 feet below ground in an abandoned mine.
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                             Market Overview: The East End
The following is a comparison of  Third Quarter 2018 vs. Third Quarter 2017, according to Town and Country Real Estate's Quarterly report for The Hamptons and North Fork.  

Click here to read the entire report.  
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