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April 2018 Newsletter


See our transformation in the before and after photos  below.  

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Do nna M. Dazzo, President
Designed To Appeal
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Testimonial of the Month
Featured Staging: $6.5M 4 Bedroom/ 4 1/2 Bath Apartment
Market Overview: New York, NY
Tips and Tricks of the Trade: Genius Ways Towel Bars Can Help You Organize Your Entire Home!
Did You Know...? Amazing Real Estate Facts to Entertain Your Brain!!
Market Overview: The East End
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" Working with Designed to Appeal was very easy and straightforward; Donna Dazzo and her team made the apartment beautiful, demonstrating to potential buyers its full potential, and at the same time kept the cost of staging as low as possible. "

Tom M., Homeowner, New York, NY
   Living Room Before Staging

 Living Room After Staging

Dining Area Before Staging

Dining Area After Staging

  Dining/Kitchen/Entryway Before Staging

Dining/Kitchen/Entryway After Staging

    Kitchen Before Staging

Kitchen After Staging

Den/Study/4th Bdrm Before Staging
Den/Study/4th Bdrm After Staging

   Master Bedroom Before Staging

   Master Bedroom After Staging

                                Guest Bedroom Before Staging

                                 Guest Bedroom After Staging

                          Second Guest Bedroom Before Staging

                          Second Guest Bedroom After Staging

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Tips and Tricks of the Trade: 
Genius Ways Towel Bars Can Help You 
Organize Your Entire Home!

According to Dabney Frake, contributor for Apartment Therapy, "Like  curtain rods , towel bars have so much untapped potential. Take them out of the bathroom and they become decluttering superstars, capable of keeping hundreds of things tidy and out of the way. Go beyond linens, and think about shoes, cleaning supplies, accessories, kitchen utensils, and even plants and tools. See all the ways a basic bar can help organize your entire house."


1. Enhancement in the Kitchen
If you have a mobile kitchen island, add a towel bar to one side. Above, the brass bar for kitchen towels is a great addition to this table-turned-kitchen-island from Petal & Ply. A simple hook would do the trick as well.

2. Closet Clean-up!

One of the best strategies for keeping your closet clean is to have the right storage for each and every item in there. The Chronicles of Home added some towel bars for scarves which turned a bare wall into that perfect spot.

3. Additional Wall Storage

If have a little extra wall space, you can mount a bar to the wall and add s-hooks to hang your bags. This home, from  Refinery29 , used an inexpensive bar in the entryway and doubled its storage capacity.

4. More Help in the Kitchen
Mount a bar underneath your kitchen cabinets for an extra storage boost. It's a great place to hang often-used utensils and mugs. Swoonworthy went a step further and glammed up her GRUNDTAL system with a little bit of gold spray paint.

   5. A Pleasant Place for Plants
If you can find a bar that's long enough to span your window, it's a fantastic place to  hang some plants , especially herbs that need lots of sun.

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Didyouknow    Did You Know.....? 
  Amazing Real Estate Facts 
to  Entertain Your Brain !!







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The following is a comparison of First Quarter 2018 vs. First Quarter 2017, according to Town and Country Real Estate's Quarterly report for The Hamptons and North Fork.  

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