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September 2016 Newsletter
Last month we shared with you one of our stagings perched on the Hudson River in New Jersey with incredible views of Manhattan.  This month we are featuring a staging we did on the 32nd floor of 101 Warren Street in Tribeca. This too has incredible views of the Hudson river and the city, including The Empire State Building, MetLife, Woolworth Building, and the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.

See the before and after photos below

Warm regards,

Donna M. Dazzo, President
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P.S. Welcome to Fall!  See some interesting facts about autumn leaves below.
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Testimonial of the Month:
Featured Staging: $8.9M Tribeca Duplex with Amazing Views
Market Overview: New York, NY
Tips and Tricks of the Trade: How to Hide the TV, No Cabinet!!
Did You Know...? Amazing Facts About Fall Leaves
Market Overview: The East End
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  Testimonial of the MonthTestimonial

Donna and her team did a highly professional job transforming an empty apartment into a showcase for living and entertaining on a grand scale. She immediately understood the most salable attributes of the property and highlighted them. The mix of contemporary style and comfort makes the listing a pleasure to show.

Douglas Albert               Brian Rice  
The Albert & Rice Team 
Douglas Elliman, New York, NY                            
$8.9M Tribeca Duplex with Amazing Views

When we first visited this 2300 square foot duplex condo with 11 foot ceilings at 101 Warren Street in Tribeca, the views were "Wow" but the interior was cold and soulless as you can see from the Before photos below.  It was in desperate need of some furniture and accessories to show a buyer how they would feel living there and enjoying the space, especially the huge wraparound terrace.

We decided to take advantage of the blank palette and high ceilings by bringing in colorful, Rorschach-like artwork on loan from  Max Makewell, whose paintings we had used before in a more traditional Upper East Side apartment staging. 

We then selected rental furniture and accessories to complement his artwork and to bring the apartment to life.    

Living Area Before

Living Area After
Living Area Before

Living Area After

Dining Area Before

Dining Area After
Master Bedroom Before
Master Bedroom After

Master Bedroom Before

Master Bedroom After

Guest Bedroom # 1 Before

Guest Bedroom # 1 After

Guest Bedroom # 2 Before

Guest Bedroom # 2 After

Master Bathroom Before

Master Bathroom After

Guest Bathroom Before 

Guest Bathroom After

Terrace Before

Terrace After

Terrace Before

Terrace After
 Market Overview: 
      New York, NY

According to   Corcoran's August 2016 Report: 
" Summer 2016 wrapped up with year-over-year decreases in sales and average price across the market. Contracts signed decreased by approximately 20% for both condos and co-ops versus last August. Average sale price was down year-over-year for both condos and co-ops, while median sale price was down for condos but rose in the co-op market. Both condos and co-ops saw annual decreases in average price per square foot, though average price per square foot for studios in both market segments increased. Condos spent more time on the market compared to last year and last month, but co-ops, on average, sold more quickly than last August. Discounts for condos and co-ops grew from last year, partially due to inventory increases in both markets. "
The following is a comparison of August  2016  vs. August 2015 :
Market Wide: 
  • The listed inventory of 6,295 units was a 17% increase.
  • The median sale price of $1.515M was a 17% decrease.
  • The average price per square foot of $1,639 was an 11% decrease.
  • The listed inventory was 3,274 units which was a 25% increase. 
  • The average days on the market of 123 was a 43% increase.
  • The median sale price of $840,000 was an 8% increase.  
  • The average price per square foot of $1,114 was a 9% decrease.
  • The listed inventory was 2,190 units which was a 9% increase.
  • The average days on the market of 85 was a 12% decrease.
Tips and Tricks of the Trade: 
Houzz  contributor, Yanic Simard of Toronto Interior Design Group shares some tips on how to redirect attention from the television set to your decor without hiding it inside of a cabinet. 

   Media Walls

Modern media centers, rather than full-height cabinet to enclose the TV, often simply surrounding the TV with a wall of floating shelves to help visually distract from the screen while adding useful storage (which often would be filled with DVDs in the past, but are more often just decorative in the age of streaming). Positioning the TV asymmetrically within a media wall helps de-emphasize it further, making the wall feel like a composition that includes various items (such as flowers and vases), instead of making the screen the central star of the show.

  Keeping a Low Profile   
So often TVs are installed far too high, as people tend to place them where they look best from a standing position, forgetting that they will actually be viewed while sitting down. Placing your TV at a proper low angle helps take your eyes off it the rest of the time, especially if you tuck it under some shelves painted in a fun hue. Dark floors or a dark rug will help it visually sink away into the ground where it won't be noticed until it's TV time. 

the orpin group, interior designs

To take a less hypermodern approach, place a TV in a full bookshelf system (rather than free-floating minimalist shelves) to create a more transitional look. Encasing the TV in custom framing helps it blend even further into the casework, so only the essential screen is visible (and not shiny brand names). Keep in mind that a frame will block the remote receiver, so you may need a device to reroute the signal from a receiver tucked on a nearby shelf. 

 Competing Focal Points
Whether a TV is placed in the center of a wall or not, it will still be a large punch of black in your color scheme. You can try to ignore it (which won't make it go away), or you can embrace it, adding black in other items to help balance out the look. This room includes some sizable black artwork, a black chest of drawers and the dark fireplace, which helps keep the TV from being a virtual standout. 

To read the entire article click here!
Didyouknow    Did You Know.....? 
    Amazing Facts About Fall Leaves
Fall has officially arrived. This means the leaves are a changing and falling to the ground. Below are some interesting, little-known facts to make this visual experience all the more enjoyable to see.

While forests in warmer climates may contain a more diverse set of tree species, their trees cannot match ours when it comes to color - only northern forests are able to pull off this spectacular show. 

In Japanese, there are two words meaning "autumn-colored foliage": koyo and momiji.

You can tell whether or not you have a sick tree, because if it is sick, it will change color and drop its leaves earlier than other trees of the same species. 

Fallen leaves are an essential part of a forest's ecosystem, providing protection for tree seeds to germinate over the course of winter. 

To read the entire article, click  here!

    Market Overview: 
          The East End

The following is a comparison of August  2016  vs. August  2015 annualized, by town, according to Suffolk Research Inc.
East Hampton Town:
  • The median sales price of $1.050M was a 4.5% decrease. 
  • The number of sales of 749 was a .01% decrease.    
  • The dollar volume of sales of $1,525M was a 7% increase.
  Southampton Town:
  • The median sales price of $800,000 was a 14% decrease.
  • The number of sales of 1485 was an 8% decrease.
  • The dollar volume of sales of $2,381M was a 20% decrease.
Southold Town: 
  • The median sales price of $525,000 was a 3.14% increase.
  • The number of sales of 453 was a .01% decrease. 
  • The dollar volume of sales of $312M was a 4% increase.
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