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March 2018 Newsletter


Back in the Fall, we were contacted by a representative of the developer to stage their new units at 171 Henry Street, in the Two Bridges section of the Lower East Side (situated between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, hence the name).

I got to explore the neighborhood during various site visits and when staging, and came to appreciate that this area was Manhattan like it used to be - diverse populations (young, old, Chinese, Jewish, Hispanic) with older retail establishments but with small and hip, but inexpensive, restaurants sprinkled here and there. It made me long for the old days when Manhattan was not filled with skyscraper apartment buildings with expensive retail at its base. 

As you can see from th e Before and After photos below, staging the units was key to making them feel like a home that buyers would want to live in.  We also collaborated in selecting original art from a local gallery to use in the staging. Two of the studio units are in contract.  

Warm Regards, 

Do nna M. Dazzo, President
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Testimonial of the Month
Featured Staging: Studio w/1 Bath and 1 Bedroom w/1.5 Bath Condos in Two Bridges Neighborhood!
Market Overview: New York, NY
Tips and Tricks of the Trade: Design Tips for Entertaining in a Small Space!
Did You Know...? Scientific Reasons Spring is the Most Delightful Season!!
Market Overview: The East End
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" Donna's staging enabled purchasers to visualize what could be done with the spaces. Furnishings were tasteful and modern with warm color palettes. Units were seen as inviting as well as being able to incorporate a surprising amount of furniture yet still feel spacious.  This helped us to get two apartments into contract quickly. "

Neal Young                                                             Jeremy Bolger
Halstead - New York, NY                                               Halstead - New York, NY
Studio w/1 Bath - $855,000 to $931,000
Living/Dining Room Before Staging

 Living/Dining Room After Staging

Living Room Before Staging

Living Room After Staging

Sleeping Area Before Staging

Sleeping Area After Staging

Kitchen Before Staging

Kitchen After Staging

Bathroom Before Staging

Bathroom After Staging

One Bedroom w/1.5 Baths - $1.133M to $1.316M

                                 Dining Area Before Staging

                                  Dining Area After Staging

                                  Living Area Before Staging

                                    Living Area After Staging

                                  Bedroom Before Staging

                                   Bedroom After Staging

To view the entire report click here.
Tips and Tricks of the Trade: 
Design Tips for Entertaining in a Small Space!

Houzz Contributor, Yanic Simard, founder, owner and principal designer of the award winning residential interior design boutique firm Toronto Interior Design Group, offers insight into bringing stature to your next gathering with some clever tricks for lighting, seating and crowd control.

The fact that you have a small space shouldn't mean you can't have big get-togethers. To help you make your space function well for entertaining - while still working for your day-to-day life - here are some of my favorite tips for furniture, styling and even secret crowd control. You can have the night of your life no matter what your home's square footage !

1. Color Choices

As with any small space, a compact entertaining area can be made to feel bigger by using lots of light color - especially bright white -on the walls. However, an entertaining space sometimes is better off feeling cozy and lively, rather than airy and minimalist.

2. Lighting

Speaking of lighting, it's especially important in an entertaining space to have a good lighting scheme that can be controlled to set the right mood. Even in a small space, a single light fixture in the middle of the ceiling can't be expected to do all the work.

3. Versatile Tables

Besides needing a place to sit, your guests will also need space in which to move around, stretch their legs or maybe even dance a little. Avoiding bulky tables and furnishings that block circulation will help make even a small space feel much more open.

4. Serving Stations

Whether your party is 10 people or 100, you can always use a little crowd control. Creating natural reasons for people to circulate through a space, rather than bunching up in one area, makes for better traffic flow and more mingling.

To read about more tips click  here!
Didyouknow    Did You Know.....? 
   Scientific Reasons Spring is the 
Most Delightful Season!!


Summer, winter, and fall may have their fans, but spring is clearly the most lovable of the four seasons. Not convinced? Here are 15 scientific reasons why spring is great:

1. Temperatures are Moderate

Spring marks the end of blistering winter and the transitional period to scorching summer. In many places, the season brings mild temperatures in the 60s and 70s. People tend to be most comfortable at temperatures of about 72°F, research shows, so the arrival of spring means you can finally ditch the heavy winter layers and still be comfortable.
2. The Birds Return

Many animals migrate south during the winter, then head north as temperatures rise. For relatively northern regions, there is no better indicator of spring than birds chirping outside your window. Their northward migration can start  as early  as mid-February and last into June. In 2017, a  UK study  found that the more birds people could see in their  neighborhoods , the better their mental health.

3. There Are Baby Animals Everywhere
Many animals reproduce in the spring, when temperatures are warmer and food is plentiful. Baby bunnies, ducklings, chipmunks, and other adorable animals abound come spring. Studies have found that seeing cute animals can have positive effects on humans. 

4. You Can Go Outside
Warmer temperatures mean you can spend more time outside without freezing your feet off, which is great for mental health. Across the seasons,  research  has found that taking walks in nature slows your heart rate and makes you more relaxed, but some research indicates that there is something special about spring's effect on your brain. A  2005 study  from the University of Michigan linked spending 30 minutes or more outside in warm, sunny spring weather to higher mood and better memory. 

5. You Don't Have To Worry About Dry Air
Flu season in the U.S. typically lasts through the fall and winter,  usually peaking  between December and February and tapering off during the spring. The seasonal change is in part because of  dry air.  Cold temperatures mean a drop in humidity, and indoor heating only makes the air drier. This lack of moisture in the air can  dry out  your skin and the nasal cavities, leading to nose bleeds, irritated sinuses, and a greater risk of getting sick. Since the mucus in your nose is designed to trap viruses, when it dries up, you're more likely to catch something nasty, like  the flu

To read about the remaining 10 reasons why Spring is so great,  click here!
The following is a comparison of February 2018 vs. February 2017, annualized by town, according to  Suffolk Research, Inc.

To read more stats click here!
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