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Strong Island, photo by Tina Delaney
Featured Trail - Strong Island
Mark your calendars this month for our Annual Meeting which will be remotely held on August 17th at 5:30PM. Please join us online for a live broadcast of the meeting with guest speaker Andrew Gottlieb! You can watch the meeting on local Channel 99 or directly on our website by clicking here. About five minutes before the meeting we'll play the new video on Frost Fish Creek, created by our Volunteer Intern Matt Hamilton.
Featured Trail - This week we introduce to you yet another picturesque coastal environment: Strong Island! This scenic island in the middle of Pleasant Bay is a favorite stopping point for sailors, boaters, and adventurers of all kinds. CCF owns the upland, with the town of Chatham owning the marsh regions. There is a private home on the island currently, and we ask visitors to respect signage and boundaries. We would like to pay tribute as well to the native people who inhabited the island prior to the settlement of Europeans. For the Monomoyick people, Strong Island likely served as a summer home with key access to ocean resources. Currently, Strong Island is home to conservation lands full of wooded walking paths on the upper part of the island as well as long sandy beaches near the shore. This island environment offers the unique conditions for the survival of some native species and migratory birds as well. The 1.7 mile trail loop winds through wooded paths of pine and oak forests and showcases breathtaking views of salt ponds, marshland, and beautiful beaches. 
Make sure to watch out for ticks, greenhead flies, and poison ivy on the trails, and bring lots of water and sunscreen for the beaches. The greenhead season lasts from June until September and peaks in July. We recommend having longer layers and bug spray on hand for your visit. Come enjoy swimming, picnics, wildlife observation, and a serene escape from the mainland.

Featured Property - Strong Island

This beautiful island lies in the heart of Pleasant Bay and is only accessible by private watercraft. Boats are encouraged to come ashore on the north and west sides of the island. Kayakers, canoers, and paddleboarders should take extreme caution for strong currents and shallow waters.

Strong Island is often referred to as the “gem” of Pleasant Bay, which is a fitting name for this picturesque oasis. The property encompasses almost 150 acres of diverse landscapes, ranging from marshland, beach, and forest. Breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean can be seen from every angle and a pristine sandy beach lies on the property’s northern shore. Bird watchers can take delight in the island’s unique migratory species and nature enthusiasts can appreciate the property's diverse flora and fauna.

A 1.7-mile trail system runs through the upland area of the island, where visitors can traverse through a lush Pine-Oak forest. Entrances to the trail are accessible on both the Eastern and Western sides of the island, and are indicated with detailed signage. Please make sure to stay on the trail, observe all signs, and respect private property. We hope you enjoy your walk!

A Message To Pet Owners

Pets are welcome on Strong Island! Please keep pets on a leash, away from other animals on the island, and remember to pick up after them. Pet waste pollution is preventable!

Pictured here: Monarch Butterfly on Strong Island, taken by Tina Delaney
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