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Old Comers Woodland, photo by Dorothy Bassett
Featured Trail - Old Comers Woodland

We hope you've been staying well and enjoying the first few warm and sunny days of June. We just sent out our Spring Membership Renewal letters, and we thank those who have already responded. If you are a Life Member or if you recently joined, then you did not receive a letter to renew, and we thank you for your support! For our Membership page, click here .

In our efforts to help the community find connection in nature, we hope you enjoy exploring our featured trail through the Old Comers Woodland. It's a relaxing place with large trees, pond views, and a peaceful bench overlooking Lover's Lake. It's a place that many of us have driven by, but few have explored.

This 11.45 acre sanctuary was purchased by the town, and has a Conservation Restriction held by our Foundation. The trail has some steep hills, so you may want to bring a walking stick. Click here for maps of other great walking trails around Chatham, or check the box of maps by the info panel in front of the Mayo House. Please stay healthy.

-The CCF Team

Featured Property - The Old Comers Woodland

The entrance to the .75 mile trail is located off Old Comers Road, and pulloff parking is available.

This property was purchased by the Town in 1999 as part of the Radio Corporation of America/MCI acquisition. The telephone poles scattered throughout the property are historic components of the 1900s ship to shore communication system using Morse Code. To learn more about the history of the site, click here .

The loop trail follows old cart roads, and branches off to a peaceful bench on the lake. The pine oak woods are dotted with star flowers and blossoming dewberries. We hope you enjoy your walk!
Nola in the Old Comers Woodland

A Message To Pet Owners

This Monday June 8th is National Best Friends Day! One unexpected positive impact of Covid-19 is that the animal shelters are being cleared out as people adopt their newest (and furriest) little family members.

Pets are welcome on the trails! Please keep pets on a leash, and remember to pick up after them. Pet waste pollution is preventable!

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