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Award-winning chef Kelli Lewton gives you #PermissionToParty with her beautiful, full-color, debut cookbook and entertaining guide offering menus, recipes, decor tips and more. 

Detroit edge meets classically trained know-how in Chef Kelli Lewton, founder and owner of a successful catering and events company and a Culinary Arts instructor. So put away the fine China and hit up your local thrift store, because Chef Kelli encourages you to Make Your Own Party, meeting you where you are, offering up expert guidance, style and food concepts you’ll love. 

Take a journey with MYO Party and create unforgettable events and delicious memories!
Your Personality Is Invited to This Party
The twenty blueprints in MYO Party encourage readers to throw parties that are unique to their individual preferences and available resources. The book offers practical suggestions for adding an authentic touch to your party, whether that be through a mismatched dish set, a boldly colored flower arrangement or a table clothed with newspaper. Readers do not have to bring to the table years of culinary experience or some cosmic knack for design. Blueprints meet party-planners of all backgrounds exactly where they stand. With themes ranging from the ritzy Holiday Party Bling to the more relaxed Backyard Street Food from Around the World, Chef Kelli Lewton has a chapter for your black-tie dinners and your blue jean barbecues.

Along with blueprints for major holidays like Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, MYO Party offers plans for less conventional themes such as Unicorn Trending, Boho Beach and Modern Pumpkin. Making clear her belief that anyone can be a host, Chef Kelli Lewton proposes parties that venture from what is traditional and expected. She urges readers to ditch their hopes for perfection and aim instead for an event that is true to their personal style and guests’ unique needs.
Reasons to Buy
ENTERTAINING AUTHORITY: Named HOUR Detroit Best of Caterer and The Knot Best of Weddings, Chef Kelli is an expert at her craft.

ON TREND: Chef Kelli serves up clean design concepts with an edge such as Unicorns Trending, Oh Baby, Boho Beach and more!

FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS: Chef Kelli meets readers exactly where they are and gives them #PermissionToParty with approachable party plans comprising true-life, chef-inspired blueprints for winning the party!

GREAT VALUE: Event planning 101 style guide plus 20 themed party blueprints, complete with menu and recipes, gorgeous photos and more.
About Chef Kelli
Award-winning certified executive chef Kelli Lewton celebrates 30+ years of cooking, teaching, sharing, styling, decorating and more at her company Two Unique Caterers and Event Planners. 

She is a contributor to numerous publications as well as a local personality as a Fox 2 Detroit chef, cooking up segments that inspire her MYO Party suggestions! Chef Kelli has been honored with serving US Presidents, athletes, celebrities, and local neighbors. 

She gives back to her community in diverse and meaningful ways, especially through the stomach! She strives to feed the bodies as well as the souls of those who need some nourishment.
Chef Kelli Lewton and Scribe Publishing Company have partnered with Detroit Food Academy, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes culinary education and leadership skills among Detroiters aged 10-24. A portion of all MYO Party proceeds will be donated to DFA. On May 5th, there will be a book launch party and DFA fundraiser at the Whiskey Factory in Detroit. The event will include food stations with drink pairings directly from the book. A portion of every ticket purchased will help fund DFA. Registration is available at chefkellilewton.com. Learn more about DFA at detroitfoodacademy.org.
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