Employer Connection
July 2020
Aloha! We are pleased to provide the following updates, and encourage you to share this information with others in your company. View previous notices.
Featured Savings through Member Plus
We invite HMAA groups to enjoy free promotion of your business when you provide a discount to HMAA members through our Member Plus Discount Program. Member Plus features special offers from a wide variety of merchants for fitness and health, food and beverage, and business services. Visit for details.
One of our merchant partners is CrossCountry Mortgage LLC, which offers HMAA members savings of up to $2,198 on mortgage closing costs. They will also extend this benefit to your family members, because a perk is even better when you can share it with others! Their Hawai‘i team is dedicated to helping you find the best financing solution whether you are looking to refinance your current home loan, purchase your first home, or buy an investment property.
Rainbow Food Guide for Eating Healthy this Summer
Did you know a colorful plate can provide a variety of health benefits? Many functional foods, or foods that provide a health benefit, are typically recognized and grouped by color. For example, blue and purple foods often contain flavonoids, which contribute to proper brain function. Learn more about different food colors and their benefits from Food Insight!
Need Assistance?
If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact your HMAA Account Manager directly or at (808) 791-7654, toll-free at (800) 621-6998 x301, or .