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MINUTE (clock) or MINUTE (Little) MEN?
by Biko Agozino

The Theme of Racial Identity in Modern and Contemporary American Literature: A seminar for senior undergraduate students
by Terry Barr

A Comparative View of Social Justice
by Ernest Young

Timely Oral History Collection Digitized in Georgia
via Georgia Public Library Services

New Initiative from Duke University Press
via Duke University Press

Apply for an NYU Africa House Student Fellowship
via NYU Africa House

KU Recruiting New Members for Selection Committee
via Knowledge Unlatched


Ongoing Call for Articles for OTH

Third Chapter February 2021 Update
The Theme of Racial Identity in Modern and Contemporary American Literature: A seminar for senior undergraduate students
by Terry Barr

"Our college, like many in these times, has had intense and ongoing discussions about racial diversity and what that looks like and means today. We are a very “white” college, and so as I considered the theme for this year’s seminar, Racial Identity seemed a timely choice, especially given the history of the American South and its reluctance, recalcitrance, in seeking racial equality."
MINUTE (clock) or MINUTE (Little) MEN?
by Biko Agozino

"American students and colleagues always giggle and roll their eyes when I pronounce it as mainute or little guys and occasionally they offer to correct my strange foreign accent. I smile and use it as a teaching moment to explain my different understanding of the name. To this they often throw up their hands and say that I might be right. Now I want to throw the challenge open to UM Amherst community to see if they have been pronouncing their historic name wrong all these years."
A Comparative View of Social Justice
by Ernest Young

Benjamin Banneker, Frederick Douglass, and Sojourner Truth are the embodiment for social justice against oppression. Thomas Jefferson wrestled with, and it was not clearly settled as to his views on slavery. They challenged the world with their lives and their words for justice and truth.
Duke University Press has announced it will partner with nonprofit scholarly journal publishers and societies to provide journal services in a collaboration called the Scholarly Publishing Collective.

Knowledge Unlatched is looking for new members for its Selection Committee. Their flagship collection KU Select HSS Books is annually shaped based on the votes of the KU Selection Committee, which currently comprises about 130 librarians from all over the world.  

KU is now looking for new members to further enhance this team of experts, librarians in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences, selecting the most relevant content for KU Select 2022 HSS Books. The deadline for applications is February 28
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New York University (NYU) Africa House is offering four competitive research grants for current NYU undergraduate and graduate students seeking funding support for short-term research opportunities. 

Application deadline: March 1, 2021

“They Endure: A Chronicle of Courage,” a collection digitized by Georgia Public Library Services, includes oral history interviews held by the Roddenbery Memorial Library in Cairo, Georgia, and recorded during the early 1980s with African American residents in the area. Farmers, educators, domestic workers, church officials, and others share their memories of life in Grady county during the early 20th century.

"Artificial intelligence has infiltrated our daily lives—in the ways we conduct business, govern, provide healthcare and security, and communicate. The large-scale cultural and societal implications of these changes—and the ethical questions they raise—pose a serious challenge as we embrace a future increasingly shaped by the implementation of AI technology.

Join us for a series of virtual events—presentations, conversations, webinars, film screenings, and an art exhibition—highlighting perspectives from leading humanists, scientists, engineers, artists, writers, and software company executives collectively advancing inquiry into key emerging questions. With events and convenings spread out over three weeks, this series of events is intended to foster future cooperation and exploration. All events will be live-streamed and archived for future dissemination.
Third Chapter February 2021 Update
The Third Chapter team had a call recently with our partner Knowledge Unlatched during which we were discussing the work of the Open Research Library (ORL), which is planned to include all Open Access book content worldwide on one platform for user-friendly discovery, offering a seamless experience navigating more than 20,000 Open Access books.
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