Feb. 15th, 2017
No Video this Week as I Am Being Asked to Stay in a Low Profile for a Few Weeks.
Dear Friends,

Because of some of the developments and my position as a public face, I am being asked to stay in low a profile for a few weeks.  Therefore I will not be doing a video this week.  Normally my newsletters are not widely posted, but the videos can be.  But, do trust that all is well.  Sometimes there are seasons where less said is better.

I will have the normal radio program but I am not going to do the live streaming on You Tube this week, it will be radio only.  As always, the program is archived and can be listened to through out the week.

I will cover some of the updates I can mention over the internet and then have an open Q&A session.

On a personal note, it is obvious we are going to through a season of turmoil in the political scene in America.  We are clearly experiencing being a country divided.  I am not here to take sides on the outcome of our recent election.  But I do want to make some comments  on how important it is to rise above the drama and just let it be.

The deepest problem of the human race is separation consciousness.  The duality consciousness that creates division in our minds leading to wars, conflicts, arguing, fighting and all the problems and tensions we have as a human race.  Separation consciousness is designed to keep us in conflict, in lower vibrations within our beings and to keep us fighting with each other.  The primary tool of separation consciousness is judgement, to judge others without have the details and facts.  To make judgement statements from a place of an emotional reaction.  Collectively we are seeing the depth of our division.

All aspects of judgement are rooted in fear.  To judge something or someone falsely is an outward projection of an inner subconscious fear.  Anger is only an outward projection of an inner fear.  The positive side to all of this political conflict is letting us see how we as a collective have a deep need to heal some very deep inner fears.

I am amazed ow many people blame things on politicians and the president when they have done noting but made a statement.  Blaming is to give your power to someone else.  When you blame the president you have given him power over your life and you are allowing him to control how you feel and what your life is going to be like.

This conflict is an opportunity for us to gather control of ourselves, rise above the political drama and refuse to let an inner fear control our lives.  Love is always the essence and power to rise above any outer circumstances. 

If I may encourage you, rise above all the political drama, become the essence of love that is within you.  Become an example to others of how we can respect differences but refuse to let lower level dramas control our daily lives.

We all have the essence of divine love within us.  Jesus said the Kingdom of God is within you.  We all need to let that kingdom love of God that is within us come to the outside and let that be the true influence in our world.

Thank you for listening.

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Blessings to all of you.         


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