Quarterly Newsletter Volume I 2020
Our Principal Mr. Cesar Muñoz, enjoyed the opportunity to volunteer at Hooves of Love, a non-profit that serves and improves the lives of children and adults with special needs through therapeutic horseback riding.
Congratulations to Board Member and Finance Committee Chair Severine Vieux. Nearpod, the leader in teacher-facilitated instructional delivery, where Severine serves as Chief Financial Officer, was recently acquired by Renaissance, a global leader in student-centered, pre-K–12 personalized practice and assessment. Nearpod and Renaissance will come together to empower teachers and accelerate student growth.
“I want to say a special thank you to our donors for making this opportunity possible for me and other black and brown students to express themselves and make their dreams more obtainable.”

Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School ‘22
We are grateful to
The John C. Hench Foundation
for their grant award of $25,000.
We thank the Legatus Miami Chapter members for the gracious invitation and warm reception at their February Chapter Meeting.
Cristo Rey Miami commits to creating a learning environment that is characterized by high expectations for every student. By developing their scholarly identity to enhance their skills and abilities, students graduate college-ready and career-prepared.

Academic Spotlight: Math Curriculum
In addition to rigorous and coherent tasks that connect multiple concepts, our Math Department will also focus on increasing students' mathematical fluency. 

We encourage you to take our fluency sprint challenge. The rules are simple:
  1. Set a timer for 1-minute.
  2. Complete as many questions as you can.
  3. Try multiple times to increase your computation speed.
  4. Make sure to keep track of your improvement! 
Sign up for the Step Up for Students (SUFS) Scholarship Interest List. Register in the link below to receive Step Up for Students updates.

SUFS will open up their scholarship application for the 2021-2022 school year in March, so it's important to join the interest list now. 
Congratulations to our Corporate Work-Study Job Partner, Xennial Digital for being recognized as a leader in Virtual Reality educational solutions and for winning the #FinTechBullpen App Challenge. 
Charitable gifts of appreciated stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other securities can give you an extra bonus in terms of tax savings (as compared to a donation of cash.) If you have owned publicly traded securities for more than one year- which makes it a "long term capital gain" asset- you can claim a tax deduction for the full fair market value of the securities and never have to pay capital gains taxes on the appreciation.

In other words, you can donate the same gift value (or larger) at a lower "out of pocket" cost. If you really like a particular stock, you can donate the stock and then use the cash you would have otherwise used to make a charitable gift to buy more of the same stock. This gives you a higher cost basis in the stock, which saves you tax if you eventually sell the stock.

This is intended for information use only. Please always consult a tax advisor before engaging in any transaction.

Cristo Rey Miami High School