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New IM Sustainable Program sends Patel Scholars to Goa India 
Patient Centered Teaching.
                       Patient Centered Research.
                                                Patient Centered Care.
From the Desk of Dr. Sinnott...


The healthcare environment has never been in more flux, from changes at the federal level to evolving relationships between our other institutions and hospitals - we can look forward to dramatic changes in medicine. Throughout this turmoil the Department of Internal Medicine continues to fulfill its core missions of patient based teaching, patient based research and patient based care. We have done this in an exemplary manner. Continued success like this requires not only a relentless pursuit of improvement but also a constant introduction of innovation.


To improve medical education we have launched our Patel International Scholars program, which sent Dr. Jamie Morano and Alexandra Strauss MSIV to Beijing and Lanzhou China in December. We also sent two medical students, a resident and faculty member most recently to Goa, India. Shortly, we will be sending students and residents with the IHSC to the Dominican Republic. We are refining our recruiting practices for Internal Medicine residency and I am taking an active role in seeking the very best residents for our position.


At a time of diminishing NIH support we continue to perform critical research in a range of areas to include Evidence Based Medicine, HIV and Hepatitis Care, Metabolism and Diabetes, and Allergy & Immunology. We continue to secure grants to support our research endeavors and share what we uncover to improve patient care.


In the inpatient area we are developing novel approaches to prevent readmissions and working to improve care through our antibiotic management program, our involvement in quality assurance with our new main hospitalist program and our commitment to quality interactions in the outpatient arena. 


It is my privilege to serve as a member of such a superb faculty working to inspire trainees to build a team that excels their teaching, research and service mission.


In terms of professional development, this issue will serve as a link to Drs. Velez and Carter's successful promotion and tenure packages. Very few people have the opportunity to look at this and I encourage you to take your time and peruse the material. It is evident that it is a great testament to a chosen career and it also highlights the importance of documenting all of your academic successes. Please be sure to thank them for agreeing to share their documents.







John T Sinnott MD FACP
Department of Internal Medicine
Inside This Issue...
Patient Centered Initiatives

- New Scholarship to honor Dr. Sinnott 


- Update on the PA program 


Patel Scholars' trip to Goa, India 



- IM Cares: skin cancer awareness results 

Our Achievements

News for Faculty/Staff


  Has the IM Cares program helped you in any way? Share with others!Send in your stories of how it benefited you, and your comments could be highlighted on our Web site, annual report, and Facebook page!

February is National Cancer Prevention Month!
Did you know skin cancer is the most common of all cancers - accounting for nearly half of all cancers in the US?
That's why our third year medical students, Michael Cameron and Jae Chung, visited faculty and staff on Feb 13th and 14th to share more information about skin cancer awareness and prevention. came
38 faculty and staff were given information on skin cancer prevention, self skin monitoring and the ABCDEs of melanoma. 
8 people were interested in a referral card to USF Dermatology for follow up.



Dr. Geck interviewed on Fox news
accoladesIn the News
Robert Geck MD, Associate Director for the Sleep Center, Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine, interviewed for a Tampa Bay Times article on Making Adjustments for Better Sleep.

He was also interviewed by Fox 13 news on sleep texting.


Jose Montero MD FACP, Division Director of Infectious Disease & International Medicine, interviewed with nbc news regarding norovirus and cruise ships.


Ambuj Kumar MD MPH, Assistant Professor, Division of Evidence Based Medicine, spotlighted on ABC news segment on a recent study challenging value of mammograms.


Benjamin Djulbegovic MD PhD, Associate Professor, Division of Infectious Disease &  International Medicine, co-authored How to increase value and reduce waste when research priorities are set, published in The Lancet January 8th. This paper is the first in a series of five papers written by world renowned researchers from leading institutions.
John D. Carter MD, Director Division of Rheumatology, was selected to be an Editorial Board Member for Clinical Rheumatology.  
He also co-authored the new chapters for Psoriatic Arthritis and Reactive Arthritis in the newest version of Harrison's Textbook for Internal Medicine.  
Michael Teng PhD, Associate Professor in Division of Allergy & Immunology, published in Virology: The respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) nonstructural proteins mediate RSV suppression of glucocorticoid receptor transactivation. Webster Marketon JI, Corry J, Teng MN. Virology. 2014 Jan 20;449:62-9. doi: 10.1016/j.virol.2013.11.014. Epub 2013 Nov 26. PMID:24418538 [PubMed - in process]. 


He is will serve as grant reviewer on study sections this Spring for the NIH/USDA (March) and the American Heart Association (April).

Shyam Mohapatra PhD, MBA, FAAAAI  Director, Division of Translational Medicine, has a manuscript entitled Mucosal delivery of a double-stapled RSV peptide prevents nasopulmonary infection (our reference 71856-RG-RV-2) accepted for publication in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.
Jennifer Cox MD FCCP, Assistant Professor in the Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine, joins the editorial board of CHEST Physician, the newspaper of the American College of Chest Physicians.
Lois L. Nixon PhD, Division of Ethics, Humanities and Palliative Medicine and Jordan Messler MD (medical director for the hospitalist program at Morton Plant Hospital, in Clearwater, FL) will be presenting at the Critical Juncture Humanities Conference honoring physician/writer John Stone at Emory University on March 15-16, 2014.
Thomas Casale MD FAAAAI Professor in the Division of Allergy & Immunology, will be presenting multiple posters at the upcoming AAAAI meeting in March:

First Author: Dr. Thomas B. Casale, MD FAAAAI

Abstract Title: Tiotropium Respimat� Add-On Therapy Reduces Airflow Obstruction In Patients With Symptomatic Mo

Dr. Thomas Casale

derate Asthma, Independent Of TH 2 Inflammatory Status

Poster Session 2201: Saturday, March 1, 2014: 9:45 AM-10:45 AM

Poster #16


First Author: Dr. Jennifer Maloney, MD1, Dr. David I. Bernstein, MD FAAAAI2, Dr. Jacques H�bert, MD3, Dr. Martha White, MD4, Dr. Robert Fisher, MD5, Dr. Thomas B. Casale, MD FAAAAI6, Dr. Amarjot Kaur, PhD1 and Dr. Hendrik Nolte, MD, PhD

Abstract Title: The Efficacy and Safety Of The Short Ragweed Sublingual Immunotherapy Tablet MK-3641 Is Similar In Asthmatic and Nonasthmatic Subjects Treated For Allergic Rhinitis With/Without Conjunctivitis (AR/C)

Poster Session 4210: Monday, March 3, 2014: 9:45 AM-10:45 AM

Poster #754


First Author: Dr. Jonathan A. Bernstein, MD FAAAAI1, Dr. Sarbjit S. Saini, MD FAAAAI2, Prof. Marcus Maurer, MD3, Dr. Hsin-Ju Hsieh, PhD4, Dr. Hubert Chen4, Dr. Janice Canvin, MD, FRCPC5, Dr. Thomas B. Casale, MD FAAAAI6, Dr. Allen P. Kaplan, MD FAAAAI7 and Dr. Karin Rosen, MD, PhD

Abstract Title: Efficacy Of Omalizumab In Patients With Chronic Idiopathic/Spontaneous Urticaria With Different Background Therapy: Post Hoc Analysis Of Asteria I, Asteria II, and Glacial Studies

Poster Session 3208: Sunday, March 2, 2014: 9:45 AM-10:45 AM

Poster #411


First Author: Dr. Mark Stevens, MD1, Dr. Jeffrey R. Stokes, MD FAAAAI1, Ryan Walters, M.S.2, Dr. Michael Schatz, MD MS FAAAAI3 and Dr. Thomas B. Casale, MD FAAAAI

Abstract Title: Rates Of Comorbidities Are Related To Level Of Asthma Control

Poster Session 3201: Sunday, March 2, 2014: 9:45 AM-10:45 AM

Poster #282


First Author: Dr. Jeffrey R. Stokes, MD FAAAAI1, Dr. Mark Stevens, MD1, Ryan Walters, M.S.2, Dr. Michael Schatz, MD MS FAAAAI3 and Dr. Thomas B. Casale, MD FAAAAI

Abstract Title: Rates Of Co-Morbidities Are Related To Asthma Severity

Poster Session 3201: Sunday, March 2, 2014: 9:45 AM-10:45 AM

Poster #283


First Author: Dr. Christina Cruz, MD1, Dr. Thomas B. Casale, MD FAAAAI2 and Peter Oldenburg, PhD

Abstract Title: Alcohol Exposure and Airway Hyperresponsiveness

Poster Session 3214: Sunday, March 2, 2014: 9:45 AM-10:45 AM

Poster #502




Stephen B. Liggett PhD, Professor of Internal Medicine and Vice Dean for Research for USF Health, awarded a $2,000,870 grant for "Project 2: Airway Smooth Muscle Bitter Taste Receptors as Targets for Novel Bronchodilators" from the National Institutes of Health.


He was also awarded a $250,000 grant from Hillsborough County for the development of the USF Health Heart Institute.



awardsAwards and Accolades
Valerie Devanney MD, PGY1, awarded the Best Resident Teaching Award by the c/o 2014 medical students.


Kevin O'Brien MD FACP, Associate Professor in Division of General Internal Medicine, was voted by the c/o 2015 for the Outstanding Pre-Clinical Teaching Award and by the c/o 2014 for the Outstanding Junior Clerkship Award


Robert Ledford MD, Assistant Professor in Hospital Medicine, was voted by the c/o 2014 for the John T Sinnott MD Outstanding Clinical Teaching Award and the Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award

Ruan Cox receiving his award at USF Health Research Day. (photo by Eric Younghans)


Ruan Cox Jr. MS, PhD candidate in the Division of Allergy & Immunology, wins the USF Health Vice President's Award for Outstanding Oral Presentation at the 2014 USF Health Research Day held on Friday February 21st.



Narasaiah Kolliputi PhD, Associate Professor in Division of Allergy & Immunology nominated to serve as a member of the Educational Resources Subcommittee of the Morsani College of Medicine's LCME Committee in preparation for the site visit Feb 22-25, 2015.


Joanne Valeriano-Marcet MD, Professor in Division of Rheumatology, is Co-chair of the Rheumatology National Inservice exam which will be administered in March. She is also a committee member of the ACR to develop the new subspecialty milestones and EPAs (entrustable professional activities) that will be part of the Next accreditation system (NAS).


alumniAlumni News

Michael Tan MD FACP FIDSA, 2004 Infectious Disease fellow, elected to serve as the next Governor for the Ohio Chapter of the American College of Physicians, to commence April 2015. 


If you are alumni and wish to have your achievements highlighted in our newsletter, please email kandre@health.usf.edu


Grand Rounds Lecture Schedule


Thursday, February 27

Unraveling the Mysteries of US Health Care Reform

By: Bob Brooks, MD, MBA, MPH

Associate VP USF Healthcare Leadership

Division of Infectious Disease & International Medicine


Thursday, March 6

The Intensive Care Unit

By: Ana Negron MD

Assistant Professor

Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine

Thursday, March 13

Medical Writing

By: Jane Carver

Dept of Pediatrics


Thursday, March 20

Resident Work Hours: A Training Dichotomy

By: Peter Chang MD

Assistant Professor

Division of Hospital Medicine


Thursday, March 27

Plasma Exchange

By: Stephen Rifkin MD


Division of Nephrology & Hypertension

*All DoIM Grand Rounds lectures are held from noon - 1:00pm in MDL 1003, lunch is provided. They are televised at TGH B107 and FOB 1304.
Podcasts of all Internal Medicine Grand Rounds can be viewed on our homepage www.usfinternalmedicine.com or by clicking here.

researchResponsible Conduct of Research


USF Research & Innovation is hosting a 3-part series on Responsible Conduct of Research


Part I: March 4, 2014, 10:00am - 12:00pm 
Topics: Human Subjects Research/ 
Institutional Review Board (IRB) 
Conflicts of Interest in Research 

Instructors: Verena Jorgensen, M.D., IRB Chairperson
Paul Stiles JD PhD COI Chairperson  


Part II: March 19, 2014, 10:00am - 12:00pm
Topics: Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
Research Safety
Instructors: Jay Dean PhD, IACUC Chairperson
Burt Anderson PhD, Biosafety Chairperson  


Part III: March 26, 2014, 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Topics: Research Misconduct (RM)
Data Acquisition, Management, Sharing & Ownership
Mentor-Mentee Relationships
Publications & Authorship
Collaborative Research
Instructors: Lynn Wecker PhD RM Board Member
Barbara Orban PhD RM Chairperson  

Pre-registration is required. (Seating is limited.) Send an email to TRAIN@usf.edu



USF Research & Innovation
3702 Spectrum Blvd.
Suite 165 Multi-Purpose Room USF Research Park
Tampa, FL 33612-9445

*This three part series satisfies the NIH requirement for in-person training on the responsible conduct of research.
sharesIM Shares: Our Sharepoint Site is now live!

All core faculty and staff now have access to our new intranet in Sharepoint. This is a one-stop shop for useful resources to include:

  • Contact list of faculty and staff
  • Promotion and Tenure sample packets and info
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Faculty and staff bios
  • Organizational charts of our divisions
  • Maps/directions to our facilities
You can access our sharepoint by clicking here and logging in with your netid and password. Once logged in all of our documents can easily be reached on the left hand side.
campaignFaculty & Staff Campaign: Let's get 100% participation!


The USF Faculty & Staff campaign is a simple way to be actively engaged and involved with USF by giving to any area you choose, whether its research, general operating, or a special fund.


This year our goal is to reach 100% participation! It does not matter how much you give or which account/initiative you give to - you can give a one time gift or do a recurring payroll deduction IN ANY AMOUNT - just as long as every one of us participates.


We are currently at only 32% participation. We have until the end of June to get everybody in the department to contribute to an initiative of special importance to yourself, your division or the department!


To support one of the Department's funds, click here.


To give to fund outside of our department and divisions, click here.


In our next newsletter we will have a friendly interdepartmental competition to see which divisions/centers have reached 100% participation. Be sure you give today!

 promoPromotion and Tenure Sample Packets Available
We now have available some valuable resources to aide faculty in the promotion and tenure process.

Dr. Ana Paula Velez from the Division of Infectious Disease & Internatio
nal Medicine has permitted us to share her promotion packet from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor and Dr. John Carter, Director of the Division of Rheumatology has permitted us to share his packet for promotion from Associate Professor to Professor. 

These are both available on our sharepoint and can be accessed by clicking here and logging in with your netid and password.

Faculty and Staff Spotlights
Patient-Centered Teaching: Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders
scholarshipJohn Ekarius Creates a Scholarship in Dr. Sinnott's Honor
In December 2013 our department celebrated its first year of successes under the leadership of Dr. John Sinnott as Chairman.
The evening included recognition of our faculty and staff for their years of service, and senior leadership for their support. John Ekarius, then Chief Operating Officer of USF Health surprised Dr. Sinnott. Along side Dr. Sinnott's long-time friends Margarita Cancio MD and Doug Holt MD, Mr. Ekarius shared with the audience that the Dr. John T Sinnott Scholarship in Medicine had been created to enhance USF medical students' education.

Dr. Sinnott has long been herald an excellent mentor and teacher. He was the only professor to win the Most Outstanding Clinical Professor by medical students for six consecutive years, beginning in 1987 through and including 1992, before they retired the award in his name.



Special thank you to those who first contributed to ensure the Scholarship was endowed:


John Ekarius

Deana Nelson

Catherine Lynch

Robert Brooks

Lynette Menezes

Beata Casanas

John Greene

Doug Holt

Jamie Morano

Richard Oehler

Sally Houston

Sandra Gompf

Margarita Cancio

Charurut Somboonwit

Valerie Riddle

Sally Alrabaa

Patricia Emmanuel

Michael Ison

Patrick Henry

Infectious Disease Consultants

Julie Larkin

Ladya Cobian


If you would like to make a gift via credit card please visit

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1)      Click Donate Noin the top right corner
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5)      Select fund # 250252 Dr. John T. Sinnott Scholarship in Medicine and click continue

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Patient-Centered Care: Putting Compassion into Practice
patelIM SUSTAINABLE: Expanding collaborations in India is a-Goa! 

In October Pallavi and Kiran Patel supported the Department of Internal Medicine's new international initiative, IM Sustainable.  Through this program we work with the International Health Student Collaborative (IHSC) and the Patel College of Global Sustainability to resolve medical issues utilizing a cross-disciplinary global community approach.


We sent a medical student and faculty member to China, as well as a team consisting of two fourth year medical students, a third year resident, and a faculty member to Goa, India. 


In January 2014

Eknath Naik MD PhD,  Director of USF-India Center for Health/HIV/AIDS Research and Training (CHART-INDIA Center) along with three Patel Scholars, Dr. Brijesh Patel PGY3, Jaymin Patel MSIV and Christina Garcia MSIV, traveled to Goa, India, with the primary objective of conducting a needs assessment for a student/faculty exchange program with Goa Medical College, Goa, India.


The team had meetings with high ranking officials in Goa to include the honorable Chief Minister of Goa, Mr. Manohar Parrikar, Honorable Health Minister of Goa, Mr. Parsekar, Principal Secretary of Health, Mr. Parimal Rai, and Dean of Goa Medical College, Dr. V. Jindal.


There was overwhelming support and interest in the collaboration with USF Morsani College of Medicine from the Goan officials. We are now in the process of finalizing a collaborative agreement with plans to establish a faculty/student exchange program, assist them with establishing programs in Infection Control, Medical Oncology, and Emergency services, to name a few. In addition, they are very much interested in establishing an Advanced Simulation Lab in Goa, which will be one-of-a-kind and the first in the country.


We are excited about this opportunity and look forward to successful collaboration in the future.


A video of highlights from their trip produced by Jaymin Patel can be viewed by clicking here.


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Brijesh Patel PGY2
As a medical resident training in Internal medicine I had an opportunity to see the differences in the medical care in the general medical wards, MICU and CCU. One of the things that was really striking was infection control and how outdated some of the defibrillators, EKG machines and sphygmomanometers were. I was impressed how they maximized resources, however I am now more appreciative of USF's state-of-the-art technology. The medical camp served as an amazing opportunity to help the poor and really connect with the locals. We helped educate them about preventative medicine relating to diet and exercise. Even though our role was very limited by the chronic disease screenings, they were very appreciative and the experience was priceless. I could not have imagined my residency to have included this aspect of training and I am very grateful for it. I hope more residents and students can participate and explore the international medical experience. 
Jaymin Patel MSIV

Rotating through a hospital in India is a unique experience. I witnessed a vast array of communicable and non-communicable diseases in an environment that is very different than what we are used to in the United States.


My favorite part of the trip (except the great weather) was seeing the focus on clinical medicine and physical exam signs because many patients could not afford regular lab work or imaging. We had the opportunity to work in a rural chronic disease clinic where many of the patients could not afford to get routine labs to monitor the progression of their disease. The local doctors running the clinic emphasized the use of vital signs and the physical exam to provide care for these people. This emphasis on examining the patient without the access to state-of-the-art technology is another potential benefit for one of our residents rotating through an Indian hospital.



Cristina Garcia MSIV

I have been fortunate enough to have traveled to several Caribbean and Central/South American countries. Throughout those experiences I have learned about the people, their culture and the way they practice medicine. 


This opportunity to go to India allowed me not only to learn about the people and their culture, but also to compare and contrast the health care systems and the resources. The most eye opening part of the trip and my favorite memory was our tour of the Goa Medical College and the hospital. We were able to see many of the wards, the ICUs, and the ER. We were able to see the resources that they had and how they used them to the greatest potential that they could. I would definitely like to return as a resident and be able to learn from their residents and attendings to better improve my clinical skills. I am forever grateful for this opportunity.


Jaymin and Brijesh in front of the ER
Mr. Manohar Parrikar, Honorable Chief Minister of Goa, Dr. Eknath Naik, Dr. Brijesh Patel, Mr. Jaymin Patel, Ms. Christina Garcia, Mr. Atul Pai Kane, local Industrialist

USF team with honorable Minister of Health Mr. Parsekar 
The Patel Scholars riding on an elephant.
 PAUpdate on our Physician Assistant Program!  


The USF PA Program has relocated from the Medical Faculty Office Building on the fourth floor to its permanent home 

in the breezeway between the South Courtyard and the Shimberg Health Sciences Library. We are across the hallway from Student Services in the office space recently vacated by the Office of Faculty Affairs. 


We encourage and welcome all to visit us in our new home.


The suite of offices has much to offer our faculty and students. The new offices provide PA students with an area to have group meetings, gather with faculty advisors for counseling and work as teams. 


  As we moved into our space, the search is ongoing for our core faculty and support staff. The Internal Medicine Department has been truly supportive to the PA Program with the resources needed to start and build a successful program.


The PA Program has been working on our submission of the application for Provisional Accreditation due in April. We are gathering the commitment and resources needed to create a successful educational environment so we can "make life better" by educating practice ready Physician Assistants to help USF Health and the Internal Medicine Department.
IM Remembers
BoydWe remember Dr. William "Bill" Boyd Jr. who passed away January 5th
Written by Dr. Jose Lezama, Vice Chair VA Affairs

Bill was best known to everyone as the Chief of Gastroenterology here at the James A Haley VA from November 2000 until his retirement in July 2012. But many of you continued to see him as he worked for free as a non-paid Consultant for another 2 � years, transitioning new GI Chief Don Amodeo into his position seamlessly. Bill continued to participate in multiple GI clinics with his expertise especially appreciated in the GI Liver Clinics of Thursday and Friday. He also continued to mentor young faculty during this time.


Bill actually gave up his position to hire one of the best GI fellows we have ever trained at the VA. Bill had an incredible humanistic side to him, although most knew him for his quick witted answers which perfectly matched his splendid personality such that he became known as "Boyd!" (no first name needed). I was privileged to see him interact with hundreds of my patients on the inpatient medical wards. He was sincere, caring, and explained things in such a clear and straightforward manner with patients.  He was available to me as early as 4:55 AM (the time he usually made it to work) for me to ask any Gastroenterology expertise that I was seeking for my patients. His care of the GI transplant patients completely transformed the way that we cared for our patients and it will always be the standard by which we take care of those patients. Bill usually took his first break when most people were getting to work to start their day. It was usual to see him roaming all around the VA with his characteristic white tennis shoes.


Bill was an incredible teacher. He actually had a prior stint at USF and the VA, most not knowing that he won the most prestigious teaching award at USF in the early 1980's. He left for several ventures including private practice and a stint at the University of Florida before he was recruited back to the VA in November 2000 by Chief of Medicine Willard S Harris. He took over a Gastroenterology section which had numerous part-time USF physicians who were retiring from the VA and going fulltime over at USF, thus severely depleting the section. Bill recruited every one of the current GI physicians in the section, and nearly all of the physician assistants and nurse practitioners. I am proud to brag nationally about the fantastic GI section he built, which rose up to do not only thousands upon thousands of routine procedures in perfect fashion, but also one that expanded to do tertiary and quaternary procedures such as Endoscopic Ultrasounds, Complex Barrett's Esophagus ablations, difficult high risk ERCP's, and Small Bowel Capsule studies.


I could fill up this page with tons of my favorite Bill Boyd quotes, but one that I will always carry with me was the following: When asked how much credit someone should get for making a diagnosis that he felt was readily easy, Bill was frequently quoted as saying : "I wouldn't be too proud over knowing that fact. It's something the attendant at the Exxon Gas Station likely would be able to answer as well".


I know that Bill Boyd made me a better physician, not only for the expertise that he gave me in Gastroenterology, but for how he taught me to think over cases and to use the laboratory and radiographic data to support without taking the place of a clinical diagnosis. Ironically, Liver disease is such a complex topic that I was blessed to have one of the very best in our nation to show me the way.


Bill impacted so many veterans and so many physicians, PAs, ARNPs, nurses, and administrative personnel in his years at the VA. He truly was and always will remain one of the gems of the this Hospital's history. We were all blessed to have known him.


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Korean medical students from Yeungnam University with certificates of completion for their 2 week observership training with USF Medicine International

Left: Chief Resident Seth Lipka MD reels in a big catch aboard Dr. Sinnott's boat!  Left center: Korean medical students get a ride on Dr. Sinnott's boat during their 2 week observership.  Right: Dr. Sinnott with residents and staff at Gasparilla. Far right:  Congratulations to Dr. Stephanie Taylor, Division of Hospital Medicine, and husband Dr. Brice Taylor on their new addition to the family Deacon!
Dr. Sinnott takes Vice Chairmen Charles Edwards and the new hospitalists, medical students and residents to the hockey game.

Left: Dr. Sinnott with the Casanas family at the Barnum and Bailey Circus. Dr. Sinnott provided tickets for over 20 families to attend.
Center: Dr. Sinnott stands by his silent auction poster raffling a boat charter on his vessel at BANDAID for Bridge.
Right: Welcome dinner with international partners from Thailand

Left: Mr. Don Mullins in COPH, Florida Board of Medicine member, rounds with Dr. Casanas at TGH to assess patient privacy.
Center: Dr. Sinnott with Pallavi and Kiran Patel thanking them for their gracious grant for the IM Sustainable Patel Scholars
Right: Drs. Doug Holt and John Sinnott developing partnerships in Thailand in November 2013

Dr. Sinnott, Dr. Somboonwit and Linman Li welcoming USF Medicine International's second delegation of physicians from Thailand for a 3-week hospital management training program.

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