Happy Year of the Ox!


We are now in the Year of the Ox according to the Chinese calendar. What does this year have in store for us?

The ox is a stable, hardworking, cooperative animal.  This year, a "Yin Metal Ox" year, asks us to pay special mind to getting to work and the values of loyalty, ethics, humility, and being grounded in reality.

Harmonizing our intention and actions with these themes can help us achieve goals and avoid troubles over the course of the next year.

Experts in mapping the traditional Chinese annual cycles make predictions and suggestions for all areas of life.  This is a fascinating field of study and we are happy to share just a couple of suggestions below for the year ahead. Please feel free to reach out with any questions during your acupuncture session or via email.  

If you would like to watch a more in-depth discussion, Click here to watch a recent interview with Angela Barbara, featuring Renae Jensen, master Feng Shui practitioner, on her analysis of what's in store for the next year.....


Take special care of the lungs and skin.  There may be more susceptibility to seasonal allergies, dryness, and skin irritations.  

Practices which focus on deep breathing and moisturizing the air and skin will be beneficial.  

Another area of focus should be on maintaining a smooth digestive process through healthy eating, natural remedies like ginger and digestive enzymes, and keeping regular mealtimes every day.  

Conditions like IBS and diabetes can be exacerbated this year, so prevention and treatment is key.

Family and Relationships

Maintaining healthy and clear boundaries is important this year.  Conflict can arise easily this year and providing a sense of order and discipline can be invaluable for providing harmony in the home. 

For those us who tend to put others’ needs before our own, we must try to establish through our actions the value in what we provide for others to see for themselves.  

Avoid excessive anger and instead focus on reflecting the values of hard work and patient progress.

Introducing the Wood Season (Spring)


The Days Are Getting Longer...

It may not quite look like it yet, but February 4 marked the first full day of Spring on the Chinese Solar Calendar.  

This time of year means birth and emergence from a place of stillness and calm into activity and vibrance.  It is associated with the Wood Element in the 5 Element System, and we can think of the energy of this element as a tree growing from a seed, upward and outward, strong, yet flexible in its character. 


This can be a time of feeling a great sense of relief after the harshness of the winter season, hopefulness and readiness to move forward.  For some of us, we may not quite yet be in alignment with the nature of the season, and may find ourselves feeling stuck and frustrated, with stiff muscles and short tempers.  Allergies may start to flare, chronic digestive issues may resurface, the sleep cycle can be disturbed.  

A great remedy to bring you into harmony with the natural cycle is through a Seasonal Balance Acupuncture Treatment.  Long-time patients of mine know that I pay careful attention to seasonal shifts and will often employ these treatments when things seem to be “little off”.  If you haven’t been in for a while, this is one of the best times of year to get a tune-up.  –Angela 

With Gratitude

A special thanks to all of you who participated in last month’s drive for our clinic to reach a wider audience.  We received a great response and were happy to hear from a lot of new people inquiring how we may be able to help them, including some of your friends and family members.  

If you’d still like to participate, you can do so by writing a Google Review, a short testimonial for our website, or liking us on Facebook.  

We appreciate you and wish you a year of health and happiness.

What's New


Focus on Fertility

Spring brings a new generation cycle of life and possibilities. We are happy to help grow families by offering a natural fertility enhancement program as well as support for IVF and IUI cycles.

Our treatment plans are customizable and easy to follow. We offer a calm, relaxing environment, with caring and attentive staff. If you or someone you love may benefit working with us, reach out with any questions. It's easy to get started.

Read more about our Natural Fertility Enhancement Program

Online Store

Coming Soon

An important aspect of 2021 is going to be focusing on prevention of illness and adapting a healthier lifestyle.  

We will now be offering access to superior quality, all-natural vitamins and supplements in

an online store. 

Some of these products are only available via Health Care Providers and our store will be available for patients only. Patients on certain herbal formulas will also be able to order refills shipped directly to them.

Please inquire at your next appointment if you would like access to our new online store.

Recover and Relax

Russell Barbara, LMT is now offering Massage Therapy treatments using quality-tested, safe, and effective CBD topical preparations.

These specially-designed blends of natural emollients, aromatic botanicals, and naturally-derived analgesics were developed based on a 15 years of experience researching, developing, and testing naturally-derived remedies. 

For a limited time, this massage will be available at the same price as our regular massage. Simply request a CBD treatment at the beginning of your next massage session.Simply request a CBD treatment at the beginning of your next massage session.

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