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Feb 2021 Newsletter
SCDOT adopts Complete Streets Policy!
We hope you saw the latest ANNOUNCEMENT that SCDOT adopted the Departmental Directive for Complete Streets, culminating a 4 year campaign. We are thrilled!

From November 2020 to the day of adoption on February 4th, 2021, SCDOT redrafted their policy and we have confidence in the final policy. We worked hard, as did SCDOT leadership, and we think the final policy is a HUGE step forward for South Carolina.

With the new policy, we can expect to see improved street Design, improved Processes internal to SCDOT, improved Engagement, improved Planning between the state and locals, and improved coordination of Planning documents among jurisdictions. Implementation will take time, and the PCC and SCLCA coalition will continue our advocacy on this policy into the future. We hope all advocates will elevate and communicate these expectations to local and state planners and engineers.

And last, but not least, we will see improved Funding. The adopted Policy prescribes how various improvements will be funded in 10 different funding streams. We think that part of South Carolina's Complete Streets policy is a model for the nation. Please thank your SCDOT commissioner today for supporting adoption of this Departmental Directive for Complete Streets.

See the policy here, the PCC blogpost here, and the SCDOT press release here.
Update: SCDOT Ped/Bike Safety Action Plan
PCC participated in a SCDOT hosted stakeholder conversation, in one of the first group calls developing this Plan. Many stakeholders spoke about the issues they felt were priority. The stakeholder team is represented well with city & COG planners, transportation directors, advocates, and representatives from DHEC and SCDPS. It is clear now that this Plan is intended to complement outstanding elements of the recently adopted SCDOT Departmental Directive for Complete Streets, and we will continue to move those efforts forward.
Legislative Update
We hosted a Zoom call with Senator Young early February about the Hands Free (S.248) and 3 Feet bill (S.245). His call to action was this:
  1. contact your legislator to let them know these bills are important to you, and
  2. write a Letter to the Editor in your local paper to make sure this issue rises in the public conscience.

Use this link to find your state Senator and Representative. Contact us if you need further assistance.
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Local Spotlights:
Slow Down,
Give Room
The Slow Down, Give Room bicycle/pedestrian road safety campaign recently launched in Kershaw County. The Kershaw County Runners, Walkers, & Cyclists initiated this campaign with grant money from Eat Smart, Move More Kershaw County and KC Trails. This innovative yard sign campaign focuses on Slowing Down and Giving Room.
The National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) launched a chapter in South Carolina last year, the South Carolina Interscholastic Cycling League (SCICL). SCICL will be hosting the 2021 Leaders Summit at James Island on March 20 & 21 for those interested in learning more. 
SCICL provides governance and leadership for youth mountain biking, grades 6-12 and currently has 12 function teams around the state with hopes to grow many more. 
2020 saw 218 student athletes and 88 volunteer coaches. Areas represented were these counties: York, Greenville, Pickens, Anderson, Lexington, Richland, Horry, Charleston, and Florence.  
The SCICL season runs from July -November with a high quality 5 race series taking between September and November. You can learn more about SCICL and the Summit by contacting Curt Kurz-Edsallat through their website:

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May 2, 2021
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