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The all NEW HC-10; Side Charging Handle for your AR-10/AR308 Rifle.

By Camaron Hillman; Pres./CEO Devil Dog Concepts

Finally, after years of demand and different design after different design, we were finally able to come out with the Side Charging Handle System for the AR-10 rifle! 

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Devil Dog Concepts, Hard Charger AR15/10 Charging Handle System

By Toby Melville

 The AR15 is arguably the most ergonomic and shooter interface friendly platform in firearms history. One of the points of the AR15 that separated it from other platforms is the...

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Follow Up – Veterans Consulting and your Service Connected Benefits.

Now I know this took a while for the follow up. I am a procrastinator.  It took me a while to finish things up with them and get the results.  My fault, believe it or not. I delay more than the VA.

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