In-person worship every Sunday with Rev. Laura Stratton, Pastor
9am at Mt. Zion UMC & 11am at Scottsville UMC
The PRG team has decided through Sunday, February 13, we will be requiring masks for worship. At that time, we will reassess our community conditions and perhaps reach a different decision.
Masks will be available if you forget yours.
If you have any questions or concerns about this decision, please contact:
Staci 286-4736, Janet 286-3853, or Sharon 286-4078
For our Lenten study, we will be using Adam Hamilton's book,
 24 Hours That Changed the World.
This book will take us through the last hours of Jesus' life and help us gain a greater understanding of these events.
"No single event in human history has received more attention than the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. In this book, Hamilton will help you experience and understand the significance of Jesus’ suffering and death like never before. He retraces the day that changed human history in his usual straightforward yet easy, conversational style that speaks to both long-time Christians and those who are simply curious about the story of Christ’s crucifixion."
We have two options to join our study! We will meet in the Fellowship Hall on Wednesdays from 10:00-11:30am starting Wednesday, March 9 - Wednesday, April 13. And we will meet in the Fellowship Hall on Thursday, March 3 - Thursday, April 7 from 7:00-8:30pm. If you want a book, please sign up or let Pastor Laura know by Sunday, February 20. Books cost $9.
We also are starting a Faith and Current Event Discussion Small Group. This group will examine current events from a faith perspective, using the Bible, tradition, experience, and reason (what is known as the Wesleyan Quadrilateral) to guide us. We will have an organizing meeting on Wednesday, March 16 at 7:00pm in the Fellowship Hall.
If you haven't signed up to receive remind text messages from SUMC, please sign up in the narthex this Sunday.
This is the 2022 version of the phone tree.
Help Needed:
1 to unload the truck at 12:45 on
Friday, Feb 18.
3 or 4 to set up and pack around 1:45 on
Friday, Feb 18.
At least 1 to distribute
Saturday, Feb 19, 7:30 - 8:30 am.

The annual meeting will follow the distribution at 9:00.
Prayers & Praise of the People
The Week of February 6th
  • praise for February birthdays!
  • praise for our church!
  • praise for David Herndon, Phillip Herndon, and Ben Hughes for their work on SUMC's attic steps!
  • praise that Lora H. had a good visit with her brother!
  • John Pace's mother, Kate, who is in the hospital
  • Peggy Spradlin, who has Covid
  • Frank Herndon's baby grandson, Hayden, who is recovering from surgery
  • Barry Rutland, who has a tumor in his lower esophagus and will have surgery in early March
  • the mother of Hope Beyond the Bars participant, Ludwig, who is recovering from a stroke
  • the communities of Bridgewater College and Virginia Tech, as they mourn the violence in their communities
The Week of January 30th
  • The family and friends of Fonda Herring, who died last week
  • Ruby Willis
  • Connie and all of those who work in our hospitals
  • The family of SUMC's treasurer, Cindy. Her daughter and grandchildren have tested positive for Covid.
  • The situation between Ukraine and Russia
  • Those adversely affected by the winter storms
  • Ky, the son of Chuck and Kris, who is deployed to Thailand
The Week of January 23rd
  • Kent Carter, friend of the Hamners, fell last week and broke his hip. Now at Encompass for rehab
  • The Hamners also request prayers for Terry Hawkins
  • Margaret Hughes is still in Albemarle Health & Rehab room 119 if you would like to send cards
  • Praise for Mason P.'s first birthday!
  • Praise for Hope Beyond the Bars participant, Freeman, who received his high school diploma
  • Prayers for Diane P. and for the family of her friend, Daryl, who died from Covid
  •  Prayers for Sandy S. who has Covid
  •  Prayers for Bob W.'s sister who is recovering from knee surgery
The Week of January 16th
  • Don Critzer requests prayer for his sister, Nora, her son Fred Harry, and his family. Fred passed away a few days ago from brain tumors after battling for a couple of years. 
  •  Janet Stargell as she deals with covid  
  • Christopher Radford, with Hope Beyond the Bars, mourns the death of his mother and asks for prayers for his brother in the hospital with covid
Long Term Requests
  • Raymond Bunch, the husband of Katherine D.'s niece, who is deployed to Africa
  • Ky, the son of Chuck and Kris, who is deployed to Thailand
  • John Smith & his mother Katie
  • Bev Butler, Ellen Pitts' brother
  • Joyce Jarratt
Our Shut-Ins
Margaret Hughes, Mary O'Connell, Ruby Willis, and Agnes Johnson
Additional Requests
  • The healing of our nation, physically, socially & spiritually.
  • All afflicted by COVID-19
  • Hope Beyond the Bars prison ministry - volunteers & participants

George Hooper                     3rd
Bonnie Butler                        5th
Lora Hooper                          5th
JR Stratton                            7th
Rose Butler                           10th
Staci Hainsworth                 10th
Mary Curtis Ott                   12th
Evan Snead                           21st
Martha Warring                  26th
Submission from Hope Beyond the Bars participant
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