We wish you well, good health this 2021. What a year behind us. Together, we have this!

Be encouraged... plant a garden! Come learn how. The benefits are rewarding.

Love the Seasons. We have four that are awesome (sometimes all in one week!).

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If you love gardening and home decor, you will love the benefits of a Garden Hut Membership.

TGH's Membership is designed to give you something extra every time you shop. You will receive 25% Off of your purchases for the entire year*.

February is the only month you can join! Sign up now and start saving right away... for only $100 a year. This exclusive offer of $100 helps our small business financially through winter months and on the flip side, helps YOU all year.

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Remember Valentine's Day is just over a week away!

We have all kinds of plant beauties wrapped and ready to go, or have them delivered. Call the store to set up your delivery. Gift Certificates also available.

We have lots of fun valentine goodies, such as a Valentine dark chocolate and cherry Poppy Popcorn and many other favorites including Chapel Hill Toffee, Old School Grits, jams and goodies, and BACON salsa in three flavors (hot/mild/peach). Lots of pickled okra, pickles, watermelon, green beans, beets, and peaches!
New Shipment of Pottery!
Great Selection of Sizes, Styles & Colors! (not included in the sale)
New Arrivals!

New products for indoor and outdoor decor are arriving weekly during February, March and throughout Spring!

New & cool! Collection of small succulents are here and more coming, and lots of beautiful houseplants and blooming African violets.

  • Statuary, pottery, flags, garden seed, birding items, AQUA POTS are here!

  • Check out our new Foodie room!

  • Many of our products for gardening and home decor are USA-made. We are so excited to offer USA-made products built with quality and pride.

  • Colorful pottery, gloves, packaged moss and accessories for terrariums, fairy gardens and indoor decor.

  • Get your veggie garden growing! We have seeds from Botanical Interests (organic) and seed potatoes. Mid-February is a great time to plant cool season veggies from the Cabbage family (kale, broccoli, mustard, bok choi, collards, etc.) and root crops like the ones mentioned plus carrots, potatoes and beets. Remember to pick up our organic compost or our other organic soils to amend your garden with. We also have seed starter soil. We have 2 sizes of seed starter kits.

  • Camellias are here with lots of blooms and colors.

  • Beautiful new flags for spring, Valentine's Day, St. Patty's Day, and Easter!

  • New Tea towels have arrived!
In the Garden

  • Start winter pruning of fruit trees now through February, and remember to spray with a dormant oil and follow up with lime sulfer.

  • Horticultural oil (dormant oil) will take care of insects and their eggs on shrubs and trees. Check hollies, camellias and gardenias in particular.

  • Watch for warming trends and Ambrosia Beetles showing up.

  • Winter is a great time to look at the bones of the garden. Make plans for adding evergreens, winter interest plants or structure to your landscape.

  • Add more living space with outdoor "rooms". Create a seating area in the perfect nook. We have many benches and table & chair sets to choose from.

  • Check out our Amish furniture for indoors and out.

  • It's time to begin planning your vegetable garden. Have you done your soil test yet? We have free boxes for mailing to the State Soil Lab. We have bulk organic compost available for pick up. EXCELLENT for veggie gardens. 

  • Let us know what seeds you are looking for. 

  • Begin fertilizing with Plant-tone and Holly-tone through February. Make fertilizer applications to all your trees and shrubs for best results.

Other February To Dos:

  • Cut back ornamental grasses and liriope.

  • Fertilize fescue lawns with a light application, about half the Fall rate, around Valentine's Day. Keep an eye on the forecast and fertilize just before expected rainfall.

  • Apply a pre-emergent herbicide such as Dimension, around mid-month to keep weeds like crabgrass under control.

  • Cole's Bird Seed and Cole's Hot Sauces are high in protein and great for your birds.
Thank you, wonderful community, for “showing up” to Adopt-a-Senior! This is just a fraction of the big haul we collected. ❤️

Happy Gardening and plant on,
Nelsa and our awesome staff

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Safety Precautions

The Garden Hut will continue to be EXTRA cautious with our staff, family, friends, and customers in regards to Covid-19. Visit our website for details.
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