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Get Help in Configuring Your Embedded System


Understanding embedded systems can be challenging for new comers.  Even veterans in using open-standard system architectures from VITA and PICMG can get lost in the nuances of what boards work together and what is available in the market today.  Why not let Pixus help you with your configuration?  We can help you choose the best-of-the-best for your application at your budget requirement.  Pixus is partnered with several of the leading vendors of OpenVPX, MicroTCA, and AdvancedTCA boards.  Whether its system integration or just support in selecting modules, Pixus can help your engineering team make the best and most reliable choices.  


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New Products/Features


Instrumentation Cases for Large Systems  


 Pixus offers instrumentation cases in larger sizes (up to 12U) and depths (up to 540mm).  The stylish RiPac series features rounded corners, aesthetic designs and multiple color base options.  The modular enclosure system has versatile mounting throughout the case. 


Component Corner
Rails and Card Guides for your Custom Enclosure
In many applications, the customer will already have a customized shelf or enclosure system that they will design internally.  But, why start from scratch?   Pixus offers virtually unlimited configurations of extruded rails for IEEE 1101.10/.11 and other subrack systems.  With a wealth of card guides, mounting configurations and accessories, you can have a standardized framework ready-to-go for your customized enclosure solution.