Welcoming the Month of Love with an Open Heart!
Houseplants for your Honey!
While Valentine roses are beautiful, their blooms are fleeting. Give the gift of a longer lasting love with Marcum's houseplants! Green up their space... Warm up their heart!
Thanks for Attending the Home + Garden Show!

Marcum's had an awesome time at the 2022 Home + Garden Show last weekend. Thank you to everyone who rolled out and visited our booth. It was a great way to start the year and time to gather inspiration for the spring season right around the corner!
The Gift For Everyone You Dig
Skip the bouquet of roses that will ultimately end up in the trash can and think more along the lines of an "everlasting love" this Valentine's Day. Our heart-shaped succulent planters are the perfect cut flower bouquet alternative.
Groundhog Day 2022
With all the recent snowfall and freezing temperatures lately, you could have guessed it... But it's now official - Mr. Groundhog has predicted 6 more weeks of winter.
Wake Up Your Winter Garden!
Hellebores are shade-loving, evergreen perennials that bloom late winter and early spring. All of the following are currently in bloom at Marcum's. Come get these beauties before they're gone!
Ice N' Roses® Rosado
Gold Collection® Merlin®
Winter Dreams™
Double Fantasy
Ice N' Roses® Red
Ice N' Roses® Bianco
Cascade™ Blush
Save The Date for Spring!
According to the Oklahoma Climatological Survey, our average date of last freeze in central Oklahoma is around April 10; that's only 10 weeks away! Our list above contains several crops you should begin indoors now if you want to start from seed. Come shop our seed selection today!

The temperatures are still cool, but things are starting to heat up at the garden center! We are looking for bright, friendly faces to join our team. Come grow with us!
As big fans of house plants, it's safe to say we think these Valentine's garden stakes are the bees knees. To better appreciate your house plants, we encourage you to switch out accompanying garden stakes to reflect the current holiday or season.

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