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This Week 02-06-19 at Sea Hag Marina
Brittney English is holding up her shining redfish she caught with her boyfriend, Capt. Brett Molzen.
Nate Kicklighter landed this HUGE redfish in Keaton Beach.
Mrs. Cindy Graham put Becky & Wallace on an awesome haul of trout & flounder.

FWC will be proposing to start the 2020 Scallop Season two weeks later that the current rule. If you are interested in helping our coastal communities, please consider sending the letter below to section leader, Melissa Recks. You can do this directly by clicking:
HERE - to Melissa Recks
HERE -to Michael Norberg
(to use our letter - please feel free to cut and paste text below the white letter)
Or please consider writing your own letter of support.
Here is the text for the letter so you can cut and paste if you desire:
Dear Melissa Recks,
I am writing to support the position to keep Scallop Season for Taylor and Dixie Counties open as it was in recent years, opening on the second Saturday of June and closing September 10th. I request this not only for 2020 but also to be set as a recommendation for all years going forward. No evidence of a scallop population depletion has been shown in the yearly counts, noting the last July 1st opening in Taylor County was in 2012.

Scalloping is a fun family activity. People of all ages, whether 4 or 70 years of age, can enjoy the day with family on the water while collecting scallops. Opening the season earlier in the summer when kids are still on break will allow more families to share in the scalloping fun.

It has been mentioned that the staggered dates of the previous season were confusing and the survey respondents felt that scallop season should be the same for everyone. FWC staff, based on this information, have proposed to the Commission that 2020 dates be July 1 - September 26th. The coastal communities of Taylor and Dixie Counties main economic income is driven directly by scallops. These counties have been unfairly grouped with other counties that have more diversified coastal economies, like snook fisheries, recreational springs, manatee observation tours, sandy beaches, golf courses, etc. Also note, both Pasco and Gulf Counties will not be adhering to these dates. Special dates are needed for Taylor and Dixie Counties as well.

Thus, I am asking you to support the opening an earlier Scallop Season for Dixie and Taylor Counties, opening the second Saturday of June and closing September 10th to help the communities that may be greatly affected economically. I appreciate your consideration. Thank you.

Brian Fletcher cooked his redfish with jalapeno peppers, cheese, tomatoes & cajun spice!
Broiled Redfish!

Brian and Ryan Rouse had a great time catchig trout & redfish with Capt. Steve Graham.
Dan from Lousiana, caught a golden redfish while fishing with Capt. Brett Molzen.
Mrs. Cindy and her crew of lady anglers brought back a nice haul of trout & a flounder!
Dale Tanksley caught & released a 27.5" snook in the Steinhatchee River!
Emma Shiskin caught a fat trout on the flats!
Douglas Barrett reeled in a few trout fishing with Capt. Tommy Thompson.
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Jeff & Miles Deloche went fishing with Capt. Steve Graham and brought back a board of trout.
Kayla, Emmett & Zane Bowman had a special day of fishing with Capt. Mike Duttenhaver!
Capt. Tommy Thompson hooked up on a few trout one morning.
Rachel Johns from Steinhatchee, FL, caught her first redfish!

Buff Wiley & Blaine Ruhbusch had an awesome day of fishing with Capt. Steve Graham.

Shade & Melissa, from Keystone Heights, FL, brought back a great amount of black seabass!
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Redfish haven't been able to resist it!
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Love is in the air & the water! Vinny shared a kiss with his fiance, Vanessa, after catching matching redfish!

 Bradley English & Emma Shiskin each reeled in a perfect pair of monster trout!

Melissa & Lee Adkins filled the board while fishing with Capt. Steve Graham.
Randy Wynn & Capt. Max Leatherwood filled the board with trout and check out all their flounder!

Greg from Lousiana, went fishing with Capt. Brett Molzen and caught this gorgeous over-slot redfish!

Jeff, Lily & Nick Steele had a successful day of fishing for trout & redfish.

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Blaine Ruhbusch brought back a nice size trout for dinner after fishing with Capt. Steve Graham.

Colby & Colton Snyder are just too cute with their redfish they caught while fishing with their parents after school.

Kayla & little Emmett Bowman had the best time fishing with grandpa, Capt. Mike Duttenhaver!

Buff Wiley reeled in some great redfish while fishing with Capt. Steve Graham!

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Brittney English landed a hefty trout on the flats.

Emma Shiskin is holding up a nice redfish she caught with Bradley English!

Becky and Wallace filled the board with trout with Capt. Steve & Cindy Graham!

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Becky is holding one of the many trout she caught fishing with Capt. Steve & Cindy Graham!

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Sea Hag Fish Cleaners, Brandon & Clarence, brought back some tasty mullet!

Gary Lastition, one of Sea Hag Marina's customers, will be selling his stained-glass at the Fiddler Crab Festival. Come check it out!
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Photo of the Week:
February 06 , 2019 
Capt. Steve Graham had the pleasure of getting to take Brian Rouse fishing! Brian's smile says it all, that he had a blast catching monster trout with Capt. Steve!
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