Ballet E-News
Feb & March 2023
Fun in February!
More in March!
Dear Dancers and Friends of Dance!
As we dance through February and into March, there are many exciting things to look forward to!

Read on for some upcoming events and class updates!

As always, you can find the most current class schedule here:
Pearls Day is coming up on March 4!
On Saturday March 4 - Wear Your Pearls to class! Every year at this time, we honor the memory of Prof. Dick Andros. Iif you have pearls, any kind, wear them to class. If you don't have pearls, come and celebrate anyway!

Join us for this special tradition as we celebrate Kat's own teacher, Prof. Andros. Learn more about him here: Dick Andros Bio.
Saturday March 4
Ballet 10:30am
In-Person at Gibney 890 &
Zoom: 739 988 063
Passcode: 5678
Saturday March 4
Pointe 12:00pm
In-Person at Gibney 890 &
Zoom: 739 988 063
Passcode: 5678
Pointe Class In-Person at Gibney 890!
(and still online)
Come take pointe class at your favorite Gibney 890 studio on Saturdays at 12pm. We are excited to have the space at this time because you can come early for Ballet class (10:30am) and be nice and warmed up for Pointe class right afterard at 12pm!
Saturdays @ 12pm
Gibney 890 Broadway, Studio 5-2

Must pre-register here:

Still online too:
Zoom: 739 988 063 / Passcode: 5678
Guest Teacher Matteo comes Feb 27 - March 4!
Back by popular demand! Renowned teacher and choreographer Matteo Corbetta will join us again! We are pleased to announce that he will be guest teaching for select classes on Kat's regular schedule! More to come. Share the barre with Kat... she never misses the chance to take class from Matteo!

As always, you can find the most current class schedule here:

Paying for class is easy!

Pay what you can (suggested $20/class).
And if you choose to pay it forward with an act of kindness...
...then a fellow dancer, who may be in need, gets to take class too!

Thank you, from your Ballet Teacher and our talented Pianists, for your continued support in this challenging time.
Any amount is helpful!
  • Pearls Day ~ March 4
  • Performing in New York Showcase ~ November 2023
  • "Allegretto" Performance Workshop ~ November 2023
  • Performance Workshop
Want to advance fast? Try Private Lessons!
E-mail Kat to learn more.
Online and in-person options available.
Master classes? Yes!
To learn more about master class options for your dancers, company, or school, visit:
Online and in-person options available.
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Pointe Class Photo: Matthew Venanzi
Pearls Collage: Arthur Coopchik & Kat Wildish
Matteo Corbetta Photo: Matthew Venanzi

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