Issue 123 | February - March 2021
Being Prepared!

Tom Seay

Executive Producer & Host
Best of America by Horseback
This morning's newscast is reporting millions of people in the Midwest and in Texas, are without electricity, heat and water in many communities. Here in Virginia today, we are experiencing a snow and ice storm. Many people in south central Virginia are still without power from last week's snow and ice storm. I wondered if we are as prepared as we should be for an extended outage.

Even though our Living Quarter horse trailer is winterized, it has a generator, propane heat and a functioning refrigerator and stove that could be used in an emergency.  

The conspiracy theories and global warming scenarios suggest larger hurricanes this year, more violent thunderstorms and tornadoes, major fires in the west and flooding throughout the south. If you have an LQ trailer, it could be a refuge in an emergency. In the winter when you have no plans to use your horse trailer, give some thought to keeping the propane and generator full of fuel. Start your generator at least once a month and run it under a load for about 20 minutes. Even though it is winterized, it can provide comfortable accommodations. Plan ahead and be prepared if any of these disasters may affect you. We keep our horse trailer on the ready as a back up accommodation if ever needed.  

Those folks that do not have a live-in horse trailer with a generator, can call their county Office of Emergency Services and ask them where the evacuation locations for your area. Usually these locations have power back up, bathrooms and showers and food available and are set to accommodate you. You need to ask if these locations are pet friendly or make other arrangements for your pets.

It may be wise to keep your vehicles fueled, never letting them get under half a tank and should be topped off frequently, especially when there are pending storms.  

It is also important to be prepared to be a refuge in an emergency for other family members or neighbors.  I am one of the most optimistic people you will ever meet, but I am also a realist. I think we should always be prepared to take care of our family and our neighbors when needed. Keep that idle horse trailer in mind.  Work up a plan before there is a problem.
Visit with
Tom Seay & Del Shields at
EquiFest of Kansas March 5-7, 2021
Stop by our booth and say hello!
Attend seminars on traveling and camping with horses by Tom Seay and see highlights of his Mexico to Canada epic horseback adventure. Listen to live cowboy music by Del Shields.
Upcoming Trail Rides & Events
Ride with Best of America by Horseback in 2021 as we visit new riding locations and return to viewer favorites by request!
Click on picture below to see a video of scheduled rides to date

2021 Cattle Drive Schedule at Andora Farm
Enjoy a weekend in the great outdoors with beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains working cattle with your horse. It is a wonderful experience when you and your horse work as a team learning how to separate, work and move cattle for a great western experience. Join Tom Seay on his farm in Virginia for a Cattle Drive Weekend!

This is the perfect adventure for riders and horses of any experience level, whether you've worked with cattle before or not. We show guests how to do a variety of events from horseback, including working cattle and team penning.

Need a Vacation?
Plan a Dude Ranch Getaway!
We could all use a break and a relaxing vacation after the year we have experienced. Although many vacation destinations are still closed due to Covid-19 rules and regulations, there are some great western dude ranches open and ready to provide you and your family with a great all inclusive vacation and experience of a lifetime and we have several ranches to share with you here.
It is important to plan ahead and do lots of research before choosing a dude ranch that will suit the needs and expectations of your family. The last thing you want after all the planning and excitement is to pick the wrong ranch. That is why we always recommend checking to see if the ranch is a member of the Dude Ranchers' Association.  When you vacation at a Dude Ranchers’ Association (DRA) member ranch, you can be sure of a quality vacation. Member ranches endure a rigorous inspection and approval process that ensures guests are treated to genuine western hospitality combined with the lodging industry’s highest standards. The DRA has done all of the research and work for you.

Take a look at these featured and recommended DRA member ranches who are ready to offer you a wonderful western dude ranch vacation:
Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch
Loveland, Colorado
Discover your Inner Cowboy at Sylvan Dale Ranch! On the edge of the wild, with protected lands, our historic horse and cattle ranch has been in operation since the 1920’s. It's a little piece of heaven tucked on the quiet side of Eagle Ridge, on the banks of the Big Thompson River. With 3,000 acres of riding country, comfy cabins, great food, and a ranch raised horse for your mount, you can't go wrong! Our youth program gives ages 3-12 a real bonding experience with their horse: ranch chores, horse care, trail riding, fishing, tubing, and horsemanship lessons too! If you’re looking for a kid-free getaway, we also offer ladies only Cowgirl Roundups and Great Grownup Getaways!
Sylvan Dale Ranch is a member of the Dude Ranchers' Association.
Phone: 970-667-3915
Elkhorn Ranch Montana
Gallatin Gateway, MT

Elkhorn Ranch’s tradition of outdoor adventure and hospitality began in 1922. The history of Elkhorn’s riding program runs deep, and the backcountry is where it starts. We have been bringing together riders of all levels and disciplines to explore over one-million-acres of National Forest, USFS Wilderness, and Yellowstone National Park. During our Fall season, we offer two weeks of advanced riding. Join us for our Avid Equestrians Week, August 22 – 28, 2021, where we round up riders from all around to see as much country on horseback that we can. The goal of this week is to go far, not fast. Our all-day trails range from 8 miles, on up to 30 miles. We will be racking up the mileage this week and working our way into the backcountry for vistas that not just anyone can get to. If you are looking for more relaxed riding, we host a Horsemanship and Yoga Retreat, during the week of September 11 – 17, 2021. This week is designed to bring awareness of mental and physical balance, gain confidence and above all, improve communication with your horse. Whether you have been riding all your life, or you have always wanted to ride, this retreat will give you the guidance, support, and confidence to maximize your riding experience.
For more information about Elkhorn Ranch or to reserve your spot for our 2021 weeks, please call Kt or Linda at 406-995-4291, or email us at

Elkhorn Ranch Montana is a member of the Dude Ranchers' Association.

33133 Gallatin Rd
Gallatin Gateway, MT 
Best of America by Horseback's
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High Trail Ranch in Kansas
by Del Shields,
BOABH Co-Host, Poet & Western Singer/Songwriter
Editor’s Note: Del co-hosts Best of America by Horseback with Tom Seay and episodes performing his original cowboy music. With years of rodeo bareback riding experience, Del sings the ballads of the cowboy life with authenticity.

Howdy to all, from the High Trail Ranch, here in Kansas. What a time to be alive, and living through changes like we never imagined we would ever see. But here we are and we are doing it. We are adapting, changing and meeting the challenge. We were built to live in times like these. Because of that, we will persevere. We will overcome. We will succeed. There is something about the spirit of Horsemen and women that is unstoppable. As I have followed so many on social media, and in person through this past couple years, I have witnessed the tenacity of our breed. I am encouraged to see so many friends still in the saddle.
I am excited to be involved in such an integral part of the horse industry, that gets to help keep riders out on the trails. Who knows what this year will bring, but from what I am hearing and seeing from fellow riders in many disciplines, the show is going on. We are getting ready to gather here in Kansas for the Equifest of Kansas Horse Expo. "The American Rodeo" is set to go off in Texas, as is "Road To The Horse." The Western world is handling the hurdles. And, when you look at the great schedule Best Of America By Horseback has on the calendar, you can see Tom and Pat have held up their end. While we understand there are precautions we all must take, we are confident that we can do so, and still live life to the full.
Shevawn and I are excited to announce, we are going forward with our plans to hold our annual High Trail Ranch Ride and Cowboy Concert June 4&5, 2021. Once again, my good friend, the talented Danny McCurry will be joining us for the ride and on the Patio for the Cowboy Concert on Saturday night. We had a great time last year and are hoping to make it even better this year. We limit the event to only 20 paid spots. We want to keep it small enough to be personal, and yet have a group large enough for us to feed our guests from the big smoker Shevawn has come to love as she prepares unbelievable meals. Those who were present last year will testify to that. Most of those folks are planning to come back this year. We do have some spots
still open, so call now to reserve your spot to ride with us in the Kansas Sun. You can contact us at 620-433-1819 for details.
We are looking forward to being in Salina, Ks. March 5-7, 2021 with Tom and Pat, for Equifest of Kansas. We will be enjoying visiting with all the folks who come by our BOABH booth, plus I'll be on stage with guitar in hand throughout the weekend. This is our 16th year together with our dear friends and we are anxious to see what happens next. Every year with Best of America by Horseback, as so many of you know, the journey just gets better the further down the trail we go. I hope to see many of you this year as we aspire to get life back to normal.

by Del Shields

From these Flint Hills to the Rockies; and beyond the Great Divide, up to where the bull Elk bugles;
And where you hear the black Wolf cry.

Comes the ghostly sound of creaking leather, with a horseshoe striking flint. There's the whistle of the morning breeze,
Carrying a campfire- coffee scent.

From the southland where the Crackers rode, in a chase of wiley cattle, to the sandy hills of Texas,
Where the land was scared with battle.

From the Islands of Hawaii, where Poneolos learned the trade, from Vaqueros down in Mexico, when a deal with a King was made.

From Mexico to Montana; From the east coast to the west, This man was seen in boots and hat; in leather gloves and vest.

The Cowboy stands Iconic. He's a teademark to this land.
He doesn't ask this world for much.
But he'll gladly shake your hand.

His kind are growing fewer. But he'll always be around.
Yes, there will always be a cowboy near, where a herd of cows are found.
If interested in acquiring any of my work, I can be contacted at: or text or phone 620-433-1819.

Look for one of Del's poems in our next issue!
Managing Manure
Managing manure is important in caring for our animals and farms. Winter time presents even more challenges with snow, ice, melting, mud and runoff.
It is important to protect our watersheds from manure runoff. Our friends at Millcreek Manufacturing make moving and spreading manure an easy chore. Many of their spreaders are "wheel driven" that can be pulled by ATV, lawn movers, etc. Their stainless steel models are ideal to prevent rust in the long wet winter months. All are made in the USA.
What's All the Talk about
White Line Disease
By Krystle February 18, 2021
It’s All About Survival
Without good feet, horses do not survive. They are prey animals, and if they cannot run away, they do not make it. While there are no crouching tigers around, ready to pounce, paying attention to healthy hooves is as essential today as it ever was. It may be even more imperative because of the domesticity and human intervention, which can compromise natural hoof function.

Determining the Presence of White Line
A common hoof problem is White Line Disease. The White Line is the material between the sole and the wall, which can be more clearly seen after a fresh trim. One theory is that it is an invasive fungus that enters the area through the sole. Also, bacteria may enter as a result of injury and damage to the hoof wall. It could also be a result of chronic Laminitis or a metabolic disturbance involving ageing. Different hypotheses aside, we know that the white line material is unhealthy.
Investigate by cleaning and examining the hoof. Look for signs of trauma, sores, disturbances, or openings in the hoof wall and sole. If something looks questionable, treat it. Start with natural remedies that are non-toxic with no adverse side effects. Apple cider vinegar, iodine and tea tree oil can be helpful. White Line Disease is an anaerobic condition, thriving in the absence of oxygen. When applying a treatment, you should make sure the area also receives clean air exposure.

Keep that Horse Moving!
After you have treated the symptom, look for the original cause. Your trimmer should balance the hoof from front to back, side to side and be able to address the rigour required of a hoof that supports a thousand-pound horse.
Movement is imperative. The nutrients and oxygen in freely flowing blood can help heal problems and prevent further damage. Proper circulation helps to encourage the hoof strength and elasticity required to support your horse from the ground up. Keep him comfortable and keep him moving. If your horse does not respond quickly, call your veterinarian.
Wishing you healthy hoofs and happy trails,

As president of Cavallo, one of the most interesting parts of my job is the personal stories people share with me about their experience with their horse’s hooves. The process of transitioning from shod to barefoot or making a change from one farrier to another is fraught with a variety of emotions and tumultuous growing pains. Whether you want to improve a condition or prevent an ailment, your involvement in the treatment of your horse’s hooves is imperative to success.

Our recommended "All Natural" Hoof
Care Product for treating White Line disease, Thrush and much, much more!
Spurr's Big Fix

Winter time brings added challenges for our horses hooves with constant snow, ice, mud and more mud. Thrush and White Line disease are just the tip of the iceberg. We always keep well stocked with Spurr's Big Fix to care for our horses hooves and skin year round. Click on the video to see how it makes thrush disappear!
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