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The National Smart Start Conference is the preeminent event for early childhood systems professionals who are determined to be subject matter experts in the fields of early care and education, childhood health and development, family support, public engagement, fundraising, management, leadership, and beyond. At the National Smart Start Conference you’ll learn new skills, participate in thought provoking discussions, and be inspired by world-class speakers while interacting with professionals from all areas of the early childhood field.

How Caregivers Can Boost Young Brains

When adults react and respond to young children’s babbles, gestures, and cries, they are doing more than providing good, nurturing care. They're actually laying the groundwork for children's future growth and development — helping to build the neural connections in the brain that support communication and social skills. 

Ordinary back-and-forth interactions between a caregiver and child — called " serve and return " — can shape  brain architecture  in powerful ways, creating a strong foundation for future learning. Click the link below for five simple ways parents, childcare providers, and early educators can practice these interactions.
#CommitTo80 with Read Charlotte
Read Charlotte just announced its upcoming inaugural “Commit to 80” campaign, a mission which aims not only to raise awareness of the critical importance of children’s literacy, but to also activate everyone in Mecklenburg County to commit to do their part to reach the community goal of 80% of third graders reading proficiently by 2025. The community is being asked to pledge commitment in March and ultimately get involved throughout the year. 

“Read Charlotte was launched in 2015 as a community-wide effort to change this alarming statistic,” explained Executive Director Munro Richardson. “Third grade is the critical dividing line between learning to read and reading to learn. We spent the first two years digging into the research and finding what works to move the needle for kids from birth through third grade. In 2017, we began implementing what works to improve early literacy, working alongside dozens of committed community partners to move toward this goal of doubling the number of Charlotte-Mecklenburg third graders reading proficiently. The early momentum is encouraging but it will take an army of dedicated people 'committing to 80' with us. Everyone has a part to play. We know that working together, we can do this.” 
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Picture's with Brandy the Marvelous Mini Horse
Triple P Parenting Tip of the Month
Teach your child new skills by first showing the skill yourself, then giving your child opportunities to learn the new skill. For example, speak politely to each other in the home.

Then, prompt your child to speak politely (e.g., say “please” or “thank you”) and praise your child for their efforts.

Funded Program
Raising a Reader promotes daily book sharing between parents and children by providing rotating bags of 4 high quality books to children enrolled in child care centers and offering onsite early literacy workshops.
Raising a Reader
Child Care Resources Inc.
4600 Park Rd., Suite 400
Charlotte, NC 28209

Smart Start of Mecklenburg County administers approximately $13 million a year in state and private funds to programs serving children birth to age five, their families, and their caregivers in Mecklenburg County. 

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