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February 22, 2019


A NEW 2019 resource for Lent
Lasting Hope Devotions for Lent.

Lasting Hope: Devotions for Lent 2019
Are you and your congregation interested in exploring some Psalms throughout Lent? If so, this is the little devotional for you! The church where I worship will be using this as a guide for Lenten evening prayer services and for our children's messages throughout Lent. It is a great way to enter into prayer as a congregation! The price is very reasonable, so that families can purchase or be gifted a copy. (Think Thrivent Action Grant and share with your neighborhood, too!). We do not have copies at the Resource Center, but this material is good enough I wanted to share it with you right away! Order soon, as Lent is just around the corner. To order, click here:

Book - Hardback
This is not specifically for Lent, but it sure would make a good Lenten study! Or Eastertide....
"Half Truths," by Adam Hamilton, is now available from the Resource Center. We have one DVD and 2 Leader Guides, so you can easily share leadership!

This study explores these 5 "half truths"
1) Everything happens for a reason
2) God helps those who help themselves
3) God won't give you more than you can handle
4) God said it, believe, that settles it
5) Love the sinner, hate the sin.

If you would like more information before requesting a copy, or are considering ordering your own copy, please click here: Half Truths.
And to request a loan or our copy, email Janet at
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Curiosity Cards .  

  This set of 52 cards, with 52 questions, was designed to deepen the conversation about 
  how  and  why   we are Church.  And, just to spark YOUR curiosity, here are 3 NEW randomly      drawn questions to get you sharing with your family, staff and friends:

1) What kind of project or ministry energizes you?
2) Describe the last time you have fun with your congregation?
3) How has your congregation changed in the last 10 years?

Share and enjoy! If you would like to borrow these cards, just let me know.


We also have an excellent video to share with congregations called
"Leading Change: Church Leadership Amid Turmoil" with Dr. Peter L. Steinke.

Dr. Steinke applies systems theory to the task of leadership, especially leadership during or for change. Change is a new constant and change creates anxiety and resistance....this course would be helpful for congregational leaders who are experiencing transitions, conflict, demographic or economic challenges.
For more information about Peter Steinke and his work, please click here.

Please  email Janet  if you are interested in borrowing any of these resources.

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