February 2021
While life and the world has been anything but normal these past few months, we are excited and eager to continue our work and be able to support and share your work with the community! We have lots in store for the upcoming months and we can't wait for the positive impacts we can make during these times.

Calling All Matt's Maker Space Managers!

We are fortunate enough to have a total of 27 (yes, 27!) Matt's Maker Spaces! We want to make sure we are able to feature each of the spaces and showcase what makes each space unique! Please fill out our google form so we may use the information to update our website and our community in the work our spaces are providing!
Since the Spring of 2020, we've had 6 more Matt's Maker Spaces open giving us a total of 26, with #27 and #28 currently in the planning stages:

  • Matt’s Maker Space by ANSYS - @ BIZTOWN - A collaboration with ANSYS, Inc. to produce a maker space environment in the new Junior Achievement Biztown development. Read about it here.
  • Point Park University Matt’s Maker Laboratory for Education Majors - a lab environment for pre-service teachers to learn about STEAM and making. One of the first of its kind in a school of Education. Read more about it here.
  • Mt. Lebanon School District – Mellon Middle School & Jefferson Middle School - this is a continuation of a collaborative effort with the Mt. Lebanon School District. Matt's Maker Space donated $25,000 to the district and they matched it with the same amount to create these Matt's Maker Spaces in the middle schools. This project was a direct response to families and students asking for their Matt's Maker Space upon leaving their elementary schools. Recently completed, stay tuned for more information and photos of these spaces.
  • Sister Thea Bowman Catholic Academy – K-5 - Sister Thea Bowman Catholic Academy is a title 1, 100% of the students qualifying for the Federal Lunch program school located in Wilkinsburg. The teacher coordinator of the space, Jess DeBruyn contacted us last year after hearing about us from the Education Partnership. After one visit to the school and one meeting with Jess, we were convinced that this should be our next maker space. Read more about this great space in our Space Spotlight this month.
  • The Education Partnership - Matt's Maker Space by ANSYS at the Education Partnership is a collaboration between Matt's Maker Space and ANSYS, Inc. to provide a maker space that can demonstrate to teachers the types of STEAM equipment and possibilities they can use in their classrooms. The Education Partnership has served more than 374,770 students in 622 schools and given out more than$27,022,024 worth of school supplies. Stay tuned for more information about this amazing space!
Coming soon in the Spring of 2021, is a Matt's Maker Space at Western Psychiatric Hospital and Clinic! We are thrilled for this space to be able to benefit all patients from 3 - 83+ and to be designed in conjunction with the Design Team at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh and made partially possible with a grant from Ansys, Inc!
Sister Thea Bowman
This month, we are featuring our Sister Thea Bowman Catholic Academy’s Matt’s Maker Space! Located in Wilkinsburg, PA, their Matt’s Maker Space is one of the newest in our network and managed by Jessica deBruyn, a science, social studies, and pre-K through 8 technology instructor.
A Growth Mindset
and Chance Encounters
Noelle was interviewed by Kristin Staunton of the Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC) at Carnegie Mellon University for their podcast series, Scotty Stories.
Point Park University's School of Education Opens
Matt's Maker Space Lab
Point Park University is opening their Matt's Maker Space for their students to immerse themselves in modern teaching & learning for K-12 STEM.
Remembering Through Making
Carnegie Mellon University gave a look at Noelle & David's history from college through the creation of Matt's Maker Space.
Through our generous donors and grants, we have been able to provide spaces and opportunities for children. If you know of any grants or would like to make a tax deductible donation please click on the links to the right. All funding goes to supporting our STEAM learning spaces or programming in our Matt's Maker Spaces.
Special thanks to some of our major donors this year!
  • ANSYS, Inc. - $20,000 for the Education Partnership Matt's Maker Space
  • ALCOA Foundation - $20,000 for the West Middlesex High School Matt's Maker Space
  • Jack Morrow, $1500 undesignated donation
  • Nancy and Stan Cieslak Family Foundation, $1000 undesignated donation
  • Michael Blehar and Beth Evans, $1000 undesignated donation
  • ANSYS, Inc. - Pledge of $100,000 for the Matt's Maker Space at UPMC Western Psychiatric
We are so grateful for these donors and everyone who donated this year to keep building the amazing spaces that are preparing the future workers of tomorrow! Thank you!