1. Premier art stroll to benefit Hospice Savannah

Don't miss the  4th Annual Artists and Artisans tour on the evening of Thursday, February 8. Four downtown homes will feature paintings, photography and sculpture by more than 30 artists exploring how Savannah has influenced their work. Appetizers and desserts donated by The Grey , wine, and cocktails donated by The 1970 Vodka . Buy your ticket here  before they sell out and support both Hospice Savannah and Arts Resource Collective of Savannah (ARC).  Pictured is artist Meredith Gray's encaustic and mixed media piece, "Daffin Park."
2. Are YOU a family caregiver?

Read Savannah Morning News' writer Jane Kahn's excellent explanation of how our  Edel Caregiver Institute   can offer advice, comfort, and practical support on your caregiving journey, and please don't hesitate to get the help you deserve.  Here is the link.

Family caregivers are relatives, partners, friends, or neighbors who provide a wide range of assistance to individuals of all ages for health reasons or disabilities - without pay. While each circumstance is unique, "national surveys and observational data sets consistently show that  family caregivers are predominantly middle-aged parents, daughters, or spouses, and that they typically either reside together or live within close proximity to care recipients.  Approximately half of family caregivers are employed." (National Alliance for Caregiving,  From Insight to Advocacy: Addressing Family Caregiving as a National Public Health Issue , 2018.)
3. Help for children affected by gun violence

Our annual overnight Camp Aloha for grieving children will be held May 4-6 at New Ebenezer Retreat Center, and it's not too early to register a child or call Full Circle for more information at 912.303.9442. 

But did you know, that our counselors are also available to help children who have faced the trauma of a death by gun violence?  Click here to read a short explanation of our  "We the Living" support groups  written by bereavement counselor Betsy Kammerud, LCSW, MVF-CSW, ACHP-SW.
4. New Year, New Look in our Thrift Shoppe!

If it's been a while since you  visited our Thrift Shoppe in Pooler, you will be pleasantly surprised by its fresh new layout and quality merchandise!
During the month of February, all Valentine-colored items (pink or red) are discounted by 20% and, as always, Senior Discount Day, is every Wednesday. Proceeds from the store help fund our life-enriching programs and services.  Click here for directions.
5. Music volunteers making a difference

Our certified music therapist  and Hospice House volunteer coordinator recently reported on a patient in her 90's with a primary diagnosis of Alzheimer's who currently lives at Hospice House as a long-term residential patient. Kate* prefers big band music such as Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller, as well as older country musicians like Conway Twitty. She receives twice-weekly listening sessions through headphones in the presence of a trained volunteer who listens at the same time.

Kate* responds positively by smiling and sometimes humming along. She will often relax and fall asleep while listening. One volunteer trained in both music and in feeding patients, has seen positive results by utilizing musical stimulation with Kate* both before and during her lunch, and reports that instead of dozing off during mealtimes, she will stay more alert and eat better. ( *name changed)

It is due to generous community support that we can offer both music therapy and the I-pods needed to provide such volunteer interventions. Thanks to these  individuals who have donated  to our Foundation during the past two months.
6. Have YOU had the Conversation?

We are grateful to our 10th Annual Lecture Series sponsors who helped bring Dr. Angelo Volandes to Savannah last week to discuss the importance of the "conversation." ( Watch the short video above if you missed his talk .) They are St. Joseph's/Candler Foundations; an anonymous donor; Meyer & Sayers, LLP; Costrini Healthcare Decisions; and gift-in-kind sponsors Savannah Technical College, Cutters Point Coffee Co., and The Landings Club.

It's never too early to have the conversation about your wishes should you become seriously or terminally ill or be involved in a dangerous accident of some kind. Please call our Edel Caregiver Institute  at 912.629.1331 if you need help to fill out the necessary paperwork.
And finally...

We are grateful to the many pet lovers who offered to find this loving Shih Tzu a forever home and give peace of mind to his mom, our patient. Odie has been placed, but what an overwhelming response we have had! At time of writing our Facebook post has been shared 355 times and seen in 29,000 feeds. Click here to learn more about, or to donate to, our Pet Peace of Mind program.