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February, 2016
Community to Vote on Capital Plan, March 15
For More Information About the District's Plan, Go To spartanburg7.org
In less than three weeks, residents in District 7 will vote on the Capital Improvement Plan the District presented to the community earlier this year. The plan calls for the construction of a new Spartanburg High School, one new elementary school to consolidate Chapman and Houston Elementary Schools and the renovation and demolitions of the current high school as a new home for McCracken Middle School. "There's a great deal of information about these projects on the District's website, everything from site locations to dozens of frequently asked questions." said Chief Communications Officer Sally Hammond. "It's been our intent to provide comprehensive and ongoing information to the community, and we've done that through public forums, media coverage and timely updates on the website." 
Don't Miss Acclaimed Author, Wes Moore on March 8, 2016
Y outh Advocate, Wes Moore
Imagine two boys about the same age, both with the very same name, both from the same city and both raised by single mothers in similar socioeconomic circumstances. One of the two becomes a Rhodes Scholar, a decorated combat veteran and a best selling author. The other winds up in prison for murder. How is it that two kids who, ironically, share the same name and have so much in common growing up, can have such wildly different fates?

This true story is the compelling subject of the book, The Other Wes Moore, written by the Wes Moore who went on to national acclaim. Now committed to helping parents, teachers, mentors and advocates who serve our nation's youth, Mr. Moore will be in Spartanburg on March 8 and 9 to offer a message of hope, inspiration and challenge for our community. Following a public forum at Cornerstone Baptist Church at 6pm on the 8th, Mr. Moore will address students and faculty at Spartanburg High School the next day. For more information about the open forum at Cornerstone, contact the Spartanburg County Foundation.
Cleveland Students Rocking the Charts with Music Video
Putting their extraordinary leadership skills to practice, students at the Cleveland Academy of Leadership and Chapman Elementary School wowed hundreds of educators from North and South Carolina during the Franklin Covey annual Leadership Symposium, held recenty in Spartanburg. The two D7 elementary  schools opened their doors to the visiting teachers to showcase the transformative impact of the Leader in Me curriculum.
We Dare You To Only Watch It Once!
In a rousing music video produced just for the event, Cleveland music teacher Barbara Wilson and her students were invited to debut the video at the start of the symposium. Posted later on the District website for all to enjoy, the catchy video is sweeping the airwaves and, to date, has received more than 8,000 views. Ms. Wilson and her Cleveland colleague Keith Godfrey produced the piece with help from the entire Cleveland Academy community. A fine example of Habit #6 - Synergize!
Ceremony Salutes D7 Super Bowl Alums
Howard Williams, Landon Cohen, Stephen Davis and Steve Fuller
In early February, the District applauded 4 alumni whose athletic prowess took them from own District backyard to the big time! In partnership with the National Football League's celebration of Super Bowl 50, the District recently recognized the accomplishments of Carver High School graduate Howard Williams'53, and Spartanburg High School graduates, Steve Fuller '75 , Stephen Davis '92 and Landon Cohen '04. All four alumni had football careers with the NFL and played in past Super Bowls. In a school-wide assembly at SHS on February 5, each former player presented the District with a Wilson Golden Football and encouraged current students to nurture their own talents and dreams. The four Golden Footballs presented to District 7 are now on display at Spartanburg High School. Check out the sidebar below for more photos.
Howard Williams enters the Spartanburg High Gym to Rousing Applause
Students, Kionna Jeter, Austin Scott, Tavien Feaster and Joe Delaney
National Production Features Tech Savvy Students
It's been almost three years since District 7 adopted 1:1 technology and put iPads and MacBooks in the hands of children in grades 3-12.  The impact, according to teachers and students alike, has been nothing short of transformative. But for two young people in the District who recently shared their stories in a national television production, the new technology is truly a game changer. In this short documentary produced by New York journalists at The 74, Fatima Taylor and Cole Ray share their success stories with viewers across the country.

McCracken's Fatima Taylor Featured in Documentary
Meet Milo, the Robot Changing the Lives of Autistic Children
A few months ago McCarthy Teszler student Carlos Pruitt was nonverbal and rarely communicative with anyone. Today, thanks to a robot named Milo, this bubbly five-year old is smiling, laughing and dancing! "Spartanburg District 7 is the first district in the state to use Milo," said Elena Ghionis. He was invented by a company called Robokind and designed to help reach children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
Milo, Carlos Pruitt, and Kim Speer sharing a laugh during an exercise. 
With his human-like face, spiky hair and child-like voice  -   specifically chosen for its friendliness  -   2-foot tall Milo has a video screen in his chest that displays a variety of symbols to help his young friends stay focused. Ghionis, the 2015 Autism Specialist of the Year for the State of SC, has a big heart for children with ASD and is committed to providing her students with the most advanced educational tools available. Milo has sensors, cameras, and facial recognition software to capture a child's responses and evaluate their progress. Ghionis says, " With all that technology, Milo conveys, as realistically as possible, human emotions so that our children with autism can learn the appropriate social cues to help them express their own emotions."
Kylie McKinney, Elena Ghionis & Kim Speer, The People Power Behind Milo 
Thanks to McCarthy Teszler's autism team, which includes Ms. Ghionis, Kylie McKinney and Kim Speer, Milo is just one of many progressive approaches the trio is using to help students with ASD. Autism is the fastest growing developmental disorder in the U.S. with 1-in-68 American children affected. Fortunately, for children like Carlos, this robotic buddy is one more tireless teacher on the team who stands ready to make a difference. 
A Tribute to Two Talents
Zachary Maddox
Spartanburg High School student Jeremy Powers and former SHS teacher Zachary Maddox didn't have the chance to get to know each other before Mr. Maddox died this past January, but Zack Maddox made a lasting impression on Powers and so many other students. Jeremy said, "I was looking forward to taking a film studies class with him, and while I won't have that opportunity, I wanted to make a video about Mr. Maddox to pay tribute to the kind of teacher and friend he was."  As Jeremy says, it was a chance to use the very craft that Zack Maddox loved, to shine a light on a teacher who played such an important role in the life of Spartanburg High School.
Memorial Video to Zachary Maddox

As for Jeremy Powers, remember that name. With an artistic eye and a growing interest in the world of film, we're soon likely to see his work on a much bigger screen. 
SHS Junior, Jeremy Powers Pays Tribute to a Teacher
Quick Interview with Jeremy Powers
Quick Interview with Jeremy Powers
District 7 Updates Sexual Harassment Policy 
Spartanburg School District Seven is committed to providing a safe educational environment by effectively preventing, responding to, and remedying allegations of gender discrimination and sexual harassment.  Any student who believes he or she has been subjected to sexual or gender-based harassment is encouraged to report the harassment to their school's administration.  The district is committed to conducting a prompt investigation.  Students, parents or staff should note the following contact information should a district-level administrator need to be contacted: Dr. Carlotta Redish, District Level Title IX Coordinator, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resourses, credish@spart7.org; Dr. Sonia Leverette, Assistant Superintendent for Student Services, scleverette@spart7.org; Mr. Don Mims, Coordinator of Student Services, domims@spart7.org.
School level administrators should be contacted first. Afterwards, district administrators may be contacted.  Counseling and educational resources are available to students who have been harassed and to students who are found to have engaged in acts of sexual or gender-based harassment. Under the District's code of conduct, harassers may be disciplined, including, if circumstances warrant, suspension or expulsion.  Students, parents and staff are encouraged to work together to prevent sexual and gender-based harassment.  

In This Issue
Out and About 
in the District! 
A Lesson in Living History
On Thursday, February 25, students at Cleveland Academy of Leadership skyped with US Congressman John Lewis and Senator Tim Scott. Spellbound by the Congressman's stories of growing up during the Civil Rights movement and the freedoms he stood up for at such a young age,  students said they were honored by Senator Scott's efforts to coordinate the conversation. 
Dr. Booker and Cleveland Students Wave Hello to Their VIP Visitors Via Skype.
Houston Huskies Honor Miss SC Daja Dial During Black History Month
Journalist and Television News Personality Charmayne Brown Speaks to Students From the Viking Early College
Chapman Leaders Take The Floor At The Leader in Me Symposium
McCracken Shares the Valentine Vibes
E.P. Todd In the Swing At 
Career and Community Day

They're All Smiles At Jesse Boyd's 
Readers and Writers Worksop

Pine Street Welcomes the
Phillis Wheatley Repertory Theatre for Youth
In Celebration Of Black History Month

E.P. Todd's Jana Calvert Says 
There's Just Something About Science 
That Makes  Her Hair Stand On End!
The Colorful Cast of the
Musical Junie B. Jones Visits Pine Street
Viking Musicians - Chase Cunningham, Jalen Byrd, Simon Patel, & Ethan Durham - Represent D7 With Pride at SC All State Orchestra.  

Principal Meredith Rose & Assistant Principal Jonathan Duvall Pony Up to 
Give the Boot to Winter! 
The Mission to Inspire and Equip
As District 7 promotes its new mission and vision statement, there are two words taken from the statement that succinctly capture the spirit of the District's commitment to children: inspire and equip.  "Those are the building blocks for every thing we do," said Dr. Russell Booker. 

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More Golden Football Photos
NFL Standout and SC Mr. Football (1992), Stephen Davis Hands Off His Super Bowl Golden Football to Spartanburg High School's 2015 Mr. Football, Tavien Feaster

Former NFL Superstar and Golden Football Recipient Steve Fuller Address The Crowd 

SHS Student Body President and Viking Football Player, Joe Delaney Receives Landon Cohen's Golden Football On Behalf of Spartanburg High School
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