V17 Update
We are in the process of updating all customer databases to SQL Anywhere version 17. 

Support for V16 and earlier versions has been discontinued by the database vendor, SAP. Because of increased costs from our vendor, we must make sure your maintenance contract has been moved to the current price structure. If your group has not updated OR you are not sure if you have updated, please give our support team a call.

LFI Passes
Do you want free passes to LFI?

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We will be giving away these passes on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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Training Room S101 - May 5&6
Monthly Maintance
Ingen Software has monthly planned maintenance windows. These take place on the Saturday after the monthly production release, which is generally the first Tuesday of the month, during the hours of 10:00 AM Central through 8:00 PM Central. During these maintenance windows, operating system updates and patches will be applied to our Windows and Red Hat Linux servers, firewalls, and switches as necessary. Therapeutic reboots of virtualization hosts may also be performed. Temporary outages can be expected during these planned maintenance windows. 

This month's maintenance window was Saturday, February 8, 2020. 

Next planned maintenance windows: 3/7/2020, 4/11/2020, 5/9/2020, 6/6/2020, 7/11/2020, 8/8/2020, 9/5/2020, 10/10/2020, 11/7/2020, 12/5/2020. 

These dates may be subject to change.
Helpful Hints - O2O File
OASIS allows users to send native OASIS files to manufacturers, distributors or representatives who also use OASIS. Once the O2O file is received, a user can drag and drop the transaction into their version of OASIS.

Navigating The Basics - Using the Follow Ups Tab in a Project or Quote
The "Follow Ups" tab is used to add notes to a job. These notes may be customer specific or general notes about the job. OASIS automatically sorts notes in chronological order, so that users can view all information related to the job in one place. 

Join Us! In our Zendesk Community!

Our Community is a place for our customers to share ideas and feature request. We would love to hear from you!

Invoice Summary Goals Tile
The Invoice Summary Goals Tile tracks invoices and compares the sales value to a set overall goal or stretch goal. 

* Please keep in mind that all of our tiles are still in development. If you find any issues email Support*
How to Geotag a Customer for Sample
O4 allows users to assign locations to customers via the geotagging feature. This can be completed through the Customers page and is beneficial for many tasks.
The link below shows how to geotag a customer step by step!

O4 Customer Portal Video
The O4 Customer Portal is a web-based interface that makes it easy for an agent to share account specific information with their customers. This page discusses all the features and tools available in the O4 Customer Portal.