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The American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists (the Academy) is dedicated to promoting the highest standards in orthotic and prosthetic patient care. We are the premier source for education and research for the O&P profession.

Education: As the go-to resource for O&P education the Academy Annual Meeting attracts over 1,700 practitioners annually to collaborate, innovate, and educate. With more than 450 courses, the Academy Online Learning Center is the profession’s stellar resource for advancing clinical and practical knowledge.
Research: The Academy supports the creation of an unparalleled number of evidence-based research resources and publications , all designed to help improve O&P treatment protocols and ensure that clinicians have access to the latest information to provide the best patient care.
Professional Advancement: The Fellow of the Academy designation is a signature recognition highlighting a practitioner’s commitment to advancing their professionalism through sustained educational pursuits and service to their community
The Academy proudly supports the efforts of OPAF and the First Clinics in improving the quality of life for O&P patients through introductory-level health and fitness programs.
ÖSSUR Commits to Second Year of OPAF Support as Exclusive Platinum Sponsor
Icelandic prosthetics innovator Össur is pleased to announce it is continuing its commitment to support the Orthotic & Prosthetic Activities Foundation (OPAF), by again serving as the organization’s exclusive Platinum Sponsor in 2018.
According to Össur CEO Jon Sigurdsson, “Össur is pleased to pledge its continuing support for OPAF, which plays such an important role in improving the quality of life for O&P patients and raising public awareness of physical abilities.”
“We are thrilled with the continued support of Ossur and their pledge to bring top notch adaptive recreation to all who face physical challenges through the OPAF First Clinics” said OPAF Executive Director, Robin Burton.
Since 1971, Össur has been dedicated to developing prosthetic and orthopaedic technologies that help people pursue a Life Without Limitations. The company, which makes world-class upper and lower limb prostheses, will be presenting a “First” Clinic later this year so people with limb loss may enjoy the rewards of personal achievement, physical fitness, and social interaction resulting from such an event.

Show us your BIDS!
OPAF’s First Bid is one of our most important fundraisers of the year. This year, we’re giving you a head start by opening pre-bidding online 2/5-2/13 followed by an in-person silent auction at the 44th Academy in New Orleans 2/14-2/16. In true Mardi Gras style, we’re giving away beads. But, only if you SHOW US YOUR... BIDS. That’s right, all auction bidders will get OPAF beads to celebrate in style. Best of all, you’ll be helping OPAF give the gift of adaptive recreation through your support.

We’ve got AN AMAZING selection of items available.
Buffalo Wild Wings - Eat... and Raise Money for OPAF!
Buffalo Wild Wing fundraisers include:

Feb 21. Long Beach, CA
March 14. Las Vegas, NV
March 14. Charlotte, NC

More dates waiting to confirm in Gainesville, FL, Portsmouth, OH, Washington, DC, Chicago, IL, Greenville, SC, Dayton, OH and Baltimore, MD.
Stay tuned!
Please Help Design a New Femoral Prosthesis by Answering This Survey by Proteor
“Proteor is currently developing a new  femoral prosthesis and  respectfully request for femoral amputees opinion  on the aesthetic design of it by  answering this survey . Your participation (approximately 15 minutes) will help to guide the project and  you answers will be anonymous . We  thank you  in advance for your time."
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Check the "OPAF calendar” as First Cinics are being added across the country each week and we want you to know when we will be
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Check out items up for auction including trips to Boston, Napa, Mexico and Costa Rica, electronics, one of a kind autographed items, artwork and so much more! The auction will continue in New Orleans and will conclude at 4:30 pm CST on Friday, February 16. All proceeds from the auction help to continue the work of OPAF & The First Clinics.
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New 2018 OPAF First Calendar is up on the website with full details. Registration links for individual events can be found on the OPAF homepage. We are continuing to add Trainings and Clinics so stay tuned.
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