February 2018

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Hope Jahren, award-winning scientist and  wonder
best-selling author of Lab Girl  explores roots, leaves, trees, and why all life hinges on the magic of plants.

The Wonder of Trees will be an engaging evening of discovery, inspiration, community, and-of course-trees!

During a delicious dinner in a stunning new venue, guests will enjoy an elegant 3-course meal, award-winning local wines, and plenty of time to connect with each other.

As a dynamic program unfolds, we'll follow Hope Jahren into her world as a scientist, uncovering the secrets of the soil beneath our feet, the leaves above our heads, and the ways in which the lives of plants and people are deeply intertwined.

The Wonder of Trees, a benefit for Canopy
Saturday, April 7, 2018
6pm - 9pm
Hotel Nia, Menlo Park

"Plants are much more than food, medicine, and wood - they form the living, striving foundation of Planet Earth." - Hope Jahren 

Introducing Canopy's Tree Plotter TreePlotter
The most interactive map of our urban trees!

Ever encountered a tree you wanted to learn more about? Or where you could find the nearest valley oak? Or perhaps you've wondered about the value of the benefits that trees bring to your neighborhood?

Those answers are now in your reach with Canopy's interactive Tree Plotter map
. In partnership with the City of Palo Alto and Plan-it Geo we have developed a customized mapping tool that features the City's street tree inventory and Canopy-planted trees. The map is also being used to record the location of oaks throughout Palo Alto as part of The Great Oak Count . And soon the map will contain private yard trees with the help and contribution from the community!

It's Not Raining! Raining
Your Young Trees May Need Water
From the desk of Michael
Are you enjoying this unseasonably warm weather ? Unfortunately newly planted trees probably aren't. Late winter is an important time for root development in our climate, and helping Mother Nature along during what we hope is just a break before early spring rains will pay dividends later in the season. 

Now is the time that roots are most active, and given the right resources, trees will develop a robust root system to help them survive the long dry summer. Mature trees are able to seek out water sources deeper in the soil profile - delaying watering them until later in the spring will actually help encourage deeper rooting. However, the roots of younger trees are still confined to a smaller, more shallow area that may be drying out. 

Check your soil moisture a few inches below the surface to see just how dry the soil has become around your young tree. If needed, apply 10 gallons of water per inch of trunk diameter about once a week or whenever the rootzone looks dry, until we get a soaking rain. Expand the watering basin and decrease frequency as the tree grows.

For detailed watering instructions, check out Canopy's Tree Watering Guidelines


Michael Hawkins, Canopy Program Director
Upcoming Canopy Events
Tree Walk: "Sense-Sational" Mitchell ParkMitchell
SUNDAY, March 11, 2018
10am - 12pm
Mitchell Park, 600 East Meadow Dr, Palo Alto

Join expert arborist, Laura Fanger, and Canopy's Education Manager, Natalie Brubaker, for a Sunday "sense-sational" tree walk for families at Mitchell Park. On this walk we will explore and observe trees using our five senses, transforming the park into a scented, tactile, sound-filled, and colorful world of adventure for children. Engage in this fun walk for a truly unique hands-on experience.
Details on the Canopy calendar... 

Tree Planting: Cubberley Community DayCubberley
Saturday, March 24, 2018
9am - 12pm
Cubberley Community Center, 4000 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto

Join Canopy, City of Palo Alto, and Kiwanis Club of Palo Alto for a day of fun and service at Cubberley Community Center! Plant and care for trees with Canopy, check out performances, and visit open art studios. Volunteer event happening rain or shine!

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Citizen Pruner Work Day & Advanced TrainingPruning
Saturday, April 14, 2018
9am - 12:30pm
Costaño Elementary School, 2695 Fordham St, East Palo Alto

Calling all Citizen Pruners! If you have ever trained to prune trees with Canopy, we invite you to attend this advanced training and workday. Dave Muffly, Senior Arborist for Apple, will demonstrate techniques for pruning species with multiple trunks such as crape myrtles, and best practices for pruning avocados to increase productivity and ease of harvest. During the training, attendees will practice these techniques as we prune dozens of trees Canopy has planted over the last ten years at Costaño Elementary School.

For questions contact natalie@canopy.orgSign up to volunteer...

Highlights from the Field Highlights

Volunteers honor Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mayor Ruben Abrica

A huge "thank you!" to the over 170 community members and volunteers who came out on January 15th for the 3rd Annual East Palo Alto Mayor's Tree Planting and MLK Day of Service in East Palo Alto.

Together we planted 32 trees, 90 large shrubs, and numerous other native and edible landscape plants at  Rich May Memorial Field . Special thanks to our wonderful partners  Grassroots Ecology Catholic Charities Youth Club at St. Francis of Assisi Church , Rotary International, and the  City of East Palo Alto .

Celebrating award-winners and Mayor Kiz Kniss

Canopy was thrilled to host our 22nd Annual Palo Alto Mayor's Tree Planting on January 25th, and celebrate the accomplishments of our  2018 Tree Awardees. 

And this year, Canopy was proud to honor Dave Dockter, who retired after more than two decades serving the City of Palo Alto as Planning Arborist. Dave has shaped and championed the City's urban forest throughout his career, and in his honor we planted a unique tree for a unique individual, an Amur Maple.

Trees in the News news
Disrupt the Street Tree

Could trees help Silicon Valley find an identity?  Bay Nature takes an indepth look at the trees that make up Silicon Valley, where prior to development in the 1800s, up to 80 percent of the trees were oaks, while another 13 percent were comprised of trees associated with oak woodlands. However the oak population has declined by 99 percent over the last 150 years, replaced by some 400 species of trees that come from around the world. While the non-native trees have a lot to offer, one of the often overlooked benefits of planting and protecting oaks is the unique local character they bestow on our landscape.

Recently the San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI), in partnership with Google Ecology, has published a comprehensive report, Re-Oaking Silicon Valley , that examines the changes in our landscapes over time, with a particular look at the ecological value of oaks. Alongside Canopy's The Great Oak Count, SFEI and Google are launching the first initiative to bring back oaks, one tree at a time.

Image of valley oak courtesy California Room, San Jose Public Library

Community Happenings community
Baylands Bioblitz
Saturday, February 17, 2018
9am - 1pm
Lucy Evans Baylands Nature Interpretive Center 
2775 Embarcadero Rd, Palo Alto

Join Environmental Volunteers and Canopy for a day of community science and discovery at the Baylands Bioblitz.  Bring your smart phone or camera and collect observations of plants, animals, birds and bugs found in the Baylands.

February Tree Gifts and Dedications
Since January 10, 2018
Lisa Abeyounis
in honor of Lonnie Zarem

Lisa Abeyounis
in honor of Kathryn Verwillow 
Ann Sonnenberg
in honor of Patti Shavelson

Paige Garriques 
in honor of Susan Rosenberg
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