Career Pathways Project
Kim Schoenrock (PK-12 Art Teacher) is continuing a school/community wide project. It is a school-wide goal to display the career paths that Elcho High School graduates have taken. The organization of this display will center around the 16 clusters that make up the State’s Career Clusters Initiative (SCCI). 

Our staff is hoping that this display will inspire Elcho students to achieve their dreams. It will also highlight the many varied achievements of Elcho High School graduates. Information from graduates throughout the years is desired. If you are an Elcho High School graduate we want to hear from you.

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Flu Season Reminders
Doctors of Tomorrow
Mrs. Schoepke’s class received an anatomy lesson today and got to explore the systems of the body! The kiddos put on their “surgeon” gear and went to work on their new patients (or customer, as one student called them  😂 ).
Exploring Genetic Traits
For the past couple of weeks, Elcho 6th grade students have been learning about genetic traits. To learn about how and why traits vary, they have been looking into spiders and how theirs differ. The students learned how proteins are built to make these different traits by using K'NEX to model the various amino acids that, when combined, create specific proteins for those traits.
Financial Reponsibility
Students in Mr. Strzok’s 5th grade class are getting a start on financial responsibility with their own debit cards that they can use for the "Strzok Store." They earn points during the day through various avenues. These points are then turned into "cash" that are deposited onto their card, where they can then purchase healthy snacks, extra brain breaks, or fun school supplies. The purchase amount is debited out of their account and they must maintain an accurate register as well. Students are also the school store helpers and tend the machine, so are learning the many aspects that go into having a personal debit card.  #elchoschool
Employment Openings
Elcho School District's employment opportunities are always available to view on our website under "Employment Opportunities." Take a look!

Middle School Students of the Quarter
Congratulations to our Elcho Middle School Students of the Quarter!

6th Grade: Hannah Schmidt and Mackenzie Davis
7th Grade: Alyssa Van Vonderen and Sienna Mahner
8th Grade: Hunter May and Drayton Dettman